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Executive Director

Executive Director

Company: Restore Canada
Contact Person: Brian McConnell
175 Anderson Ave.
Markham, ON, Ontario , L6E 1A4
Position Description

Restore Method of Care Canada (RMOCC)

RMOCC is a relatively new Canadian Charity and is looking for an entrepreneurial Executive Director (ED) to create and execute a business plan to develop and growth the organization.

Background on RMOCC

The Restore Method of Care (RMOC) program exists to help those in distress identify and reach the collection of resources they need in order to provide sustained relief from situations of distress.

A person in distress, who is ready and willing to make changes in their life, is paired with a trained, caring volunteer, who will coach them to consider the available options, help them access needed resources and move toward sustained relief of that distress.

The RMOC significantly increases the success of resolving distress while reducing costs to churches and community agencies.  The Goal of the RMOC is to return a person to a state where their ongoing needs can be met and managed independently.

The purpose of the Restore Method of Care Canada organization is to develop and maintain the RMOC Program and equip local church’s as they implement the RMOC program and harness their own financial and volunteer resources, and integrate them with the many resources that already exist in the community. 

Equipping a local church includes identifying and training Care Coordinators and Care Planners, mentoring Care Coordinator, developing a list of local resources, ensuring that appropriate governance and insurance is in place and verifying that volunteers are effectively screened by local police and are trained in working with vulnerable people.

RMOCC originated as a department of the Olive Branch Church and became an independent non profit in December 2015 and an official charity (822007381RR0001) in April 2016.

Executive Director Position

The Restore Method of Care (RMOC) program has proven success over the years but lacks a formal business plan, clear business model, and execution plan.  The ED role will be attractive to a Christian leader who has entrepreneurial skills and can take the organizations experience to date and develop it into a thriving social enterprise based on excellence.

There are 60 churches in the program and over 100 people trained in the Restore methodology, however, there are no permanent full-time staff, training programs are home-made and lack professionalism, funding varies by church or area, donations are adequate to maintain the organization, but not at a high level of excellence or to allow growth.

The success though has been amazing with approximately 1,000 lives turned from distress to sustainability over the last 5-7 years. There is lots of support for the concept, and the organization is ready for a strong business minded leader to galvanize the organization and its partners and build it into a best-in-class charity.

Restore Canada’s Vision and Mission is to mobilize and equip local churches to help all those in distress restore their lives.


The successful candidate will be a committed Christian, have experience with a start-up organization and be prepared to lead the development of the following core competencies:

  1. The Restore Method of Care (RMOC) – a process by which a person in distress, who is ready and willing to make changes in their life, is paired with a trained, caring volunteer, who will coach them to consider the available options and then to move toward sustained relief of that distress. The RMOC is documented but needs to be brought up to a high level of excellence and reflect measurable outcomes.
  2. The Restore Engagement System (RES) – a comprehensive system used by Care Planners to plan and track Client engagement with access to local resources. The RES system is running today but needs to be turned into a mobile app driven platform that allows end users direct access. Bottom up vs top down.
  3. The commitment to build and develop a community of volunteers through local churches willing to help those in distress in their communities.  There are committed volunteers but we need many more and they need regular support and encouragement.
  4. Restore Church Enablement Program – the material and documentation used to start up a new church or area.  The collection of policies, procedures, processes, governance, screening, evaluation, fundraising, cross church collaboration, training materials, communication, shared insights, insurance, vulnerability protection, that serves to protect churches and volunteers and help resources be managed effectively.  There are many policies and documents created, but they need to be organized into a system and upgraded to a professional level.


The successful candidate will be a committed Christian, have experience with a start-up organization and be prepared to lead the development of the following core competencies. This is a roll up the sleeves role that we expect will develop within a year into a more normal management role.

The successful candidate will have demonstrated experience to successfully undertake the overall leadership and management of the organization with responsibility for all revenue streams (Service Fees, Grants, government Funding, Fundraising Events, Corporate and Private Donor Attraction and Retention), development of the four core competencies, developing a business plan and annual budgets, creating new regions, secure church partnerships, engage volunteers, hiring, equip and manage staff, policy and procedure development, regular board updates, and key communicator (public speaking,  written communications, and social media), etc. 


The board is in place and are ready and willing to help a new leader be successful.
2 Area Coordinator (on salary)
Part time people (2)
Several volunteers
Virtual Office
Several Core donors
Financial resources

Executive Director Background Requirements

The successful candidate will have:

  •   A university degree
  •   5-10 years experience in a combination of business and charity work
  •   Experience taking on messy situations and/or start-ups and turning them into a success
  •   Demonstrated leadership experience and success
  •   Demonstrated self-managed work ethic
  •   Self-reliant with typical office technology and applications
  •   Strong Communicator (Oral and written)
  •   Social Media
  •   Must have a vehicle
  •   Some travel required

Personality Traits:

Committed Christian with a passion for helping people in distress
People person
Excellent communicator
High level of enthusiasm
High energy
Have a positive attitude
Demonstrated ability to motivate others
Humility, Hungry, People Smart (Ideal Team Player)


  • Competitive salary ($60,000 range)
  • Bonus and increased salary based on performance
  • Generous vacation policy
  • Mileage and Expense allowance
  • No formal benefit program in place
Posted: December 30, 2016  |  Expires: January 31, 2018
Posted Under: Executive
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