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Youth Leader

Youth Leader

Company: Eglinton St. George's united Church
Contact Person: Dorothy Carson
35 Lytton Blvd
Toronto, Ontario , M5M1M6
Position Description

Youth Leader Job Description
For ‘The Underground’, Grades 7 – 12

This position is one of actively engaging our youth, helping them to find meaning, identity and purpose in what God is doing in this world through Jesus, as well as provide a mixture of monthly social events and social outreach. While we certainly ask that you bring your own gifts, talents, vision and imagination to this position, we expect you to build upon the foundations laid thus far, so as to continue the growth of our youth ministry. If the position is offered and accepted, the current youth minister will happily discuss this with you.

ESG Youth Ministry Vision & Mission
Vision: Freedom to be
Freedom to grow
Freedom to love


To provide a safe place for youth to explore who they are and who they want to become by introducing them to who God is, what Jesus is about, and how following him can lead to a life full of purpose, meaning and passion.

Position Overview
• Provide programming, leadership and pastoral care for ESG youth, The Underground
• Act as a leader, pastor and mentor to youth throughout the week
• Engage in other aspects of ESG’s mission and vision, encouraging youth to offer their skills and gifts to the overall ministry of the church
• Work under the supervision of the Minister and the direction of the Youth Ministry Working Group
• Develop and implement The Underground weekly Sunday morning programming; ensuring it relates to the mission and vision of the Youth Ministry, is accessible, engaging and faith centered
• Hold a monthly social and/or social outreach event to engage and involve youth church members with a focus on fun (games, movies, sleepover etc.)
• Build relationships with the group and individuals via email, Facebook and face-to-face
• Be aware of pastoral issues as they arise and handle as directed by ESG
• Inform youth of events via email, Facebook, posters, group/congregational announcements
• Connect frequently with parents regarding the program/events
• Advertise monthly events and develop a yearly plan for publication by ESG
• Write articles about the youth program for the Congregational Newsletter
• Attend Youth Ministry Working group meetings (approx. 6-8 per year)
• Attend/connect with staff meetings on a regular basis, at the discretion of the Ministerial Team Leader, to discuss and plan for youth involvement in worship and accessibility of worship to youth
• Attend/communicate as required with the Worship Committee re youth involvement
• Provide input for/purchase food and refreshments as needed for Sunday morning and monthly social events - to be reimbursed
• Additionally: Provide leadership for some components of the Confirmation Program (run bi-annually) if required

10 hours/week – contract position, including Sunday mornings

Start Date
Position currently open, with focus on fall 2017

$20.00 per hour

Posted: February 13, 2017  |  Expires: August 1, 2017
Posted Under: Pastoral - Youth/Youth Worker
Career ID: [ 3600 ]