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Executive Director Mission Organization

Executive Director Mission Organization

Company: Greater Europe Missions
Contact Person: GEM Canada
100 Ontario St.
Oshawa, Ontario , L1G 4Z1
Position Description


The GEM Canada Executive Director (ED), under the general direction of the Board of Directors, has full operating responsibility and authority of Greater Europe Mission Canada, working with the objectives, policies and guidelines set forth by the Board of Directors. The ED may delegate to a team of paid and volunteer staff as he sees fit while retaining responsibility for attaining objectives and outcomes. The ED will meet with the Board of Directors periodically as required by the by-laws or determined by the board. The ED is expected to procure and to maintain a group of personal ministry partners to provide adequate prayer coverage and financial support for monthly salary.

While providing overall executive direction for the activities of GEM Canada, the ED will give priority to mobilization, fund raising, communication, and seeking collaborative opportunities with other like-minded agencies to accomplish the task.  In close cooperation with the President of Greater Europe Mission, and other GEM leaders, the

GEM Canada ED will place utmost priority on the following:

a) The Great Commission:  It is GEM’s mandate to accomplish Christ’s commission to the Church as found in Matthew 28:19-20. GEM Canada is committed to contribute to GEM’s overall ministry in Europe by mobilizing workers, reproducing disciples, growing the mission, and ultimately helping to build the church in Europe and beyond.  The need for growth in mission size is at a critical stage. A key objective for growth is for GEM Canada to achieve 10% of the overall recruiting projections from North America taking into account the unique opportunities in Canada to mobilize long term, mid-term, short term individuals as well as two week ministry team volunteers.

b) The Budget:  As good stewards of the opportunity and responsibility to lead GEM Canada, the ED must plan for and execute growth of our missionary enrolment to both achieve our purpose and ensure the financial health of GEM Canada.

c) The Development of marketing strategies for mobilization of candidates at all levels of engagement.

d) The Implementation: The ED must assure that initial contacts with interested candidates are treated seriously and that his staff work concertedly in following up with these contacts in determining with them if God is leading for the candidates to join GEM in ministry in Europe. The ED must assure that all new appointees have the training, coaching and encouragement needed to prepare for ministry in Europe and to procure the needed prayer and financial support needed by ministry partners in Canada. 

Expected Capabilities for the GEM Canada ED role: 

The ED will exhibit the following capabilities:

Ability to hear and discern the voice of God.

To practice daily spiritual sensitivity, passion and discernment before God that will influence the decisions needed for leadership of the ministry. 

Knowledgeable of Europe, Greater Europe Mission, and GEM Canada.

To be aware of the spiritual needs of Europe and the opportunities of ministry through Greater Europe Mission.

To be aware and convinced of the Mission, Vision, and values of GEM and the specific contribution of GEM Canada to the overall ministry of GEM.

To be aware of the unique cultural and religious context of Canada.

Ability to see the ‘Big Picture’.  

To see the whole spectrum of the role of GEM Canada in the ministry of GEM in Europe and in Canada.

To be able to evaluate the effectiveness of GEM Canada in light of its place in GEM.

Ability to lead a team. 

To lead a team of paid staff, personal support staff, and volunteers to accomplish GEM Canada’s mission.

Ability to network. 

To represent GEM Canada in the educational, business, and church spheres in Canada seeking to make help people to become aware of:

The needs and opportunities of ministry in Europe.

The unique role of GEM Canada to respond to these opportunities.

Ability to influence.

To influence the effectiveness of GEM’s ministry in Europe by:

Mobilizing Canadians to involvement in ministry through prayer, giving, and/or going.

Engaging with and influencing other GEM leaders in discussions and decisions related to the broader GEM organization. 



If after reading this Opportunity Profile you sense that the gifts and experiences God has given you are a good match for GEM Canada at this critical juncture, we invite you to begin the inquiry process. 


Please submit the following in a single document in Word or .pdf format:

Your Resume

A covering letter explaining what specific skills you have and what kinds of work experiences have you had that would allow you to be effective as the next GEM Canada ED.


Please respond to



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