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Interim Worship Director

Interim Worship Director

Company: Wainfleet BIC Church
Contact Person: Pat Hand
53007 Perry Road
Wainfleet, Ontario , L0S 1V0
Phone: 905-899-1343
Position Description

Interim Director of Worship Wainfleet BIC Church Job Description

To give direction to the worship and music ministers of Wainfleet BIC Church. This person would work in conjunction with the church program team and the Lead Pastor to plan services, work with musicians and vocalists, and arrange for vocal music for services. This person would also be responsible for directing occasional choir experiences.

Please send all resumes by June 1st to:

Dr. Pat Hand

Wainfleet BIC Church


A. Qualifications

1. Spiritual maturity 2. Preferably an undergraduate degree in music with significant experience in planning and leading worship. This person must have a passion for the local church worship and for music. 3. Strong relational and communication skills. 4. Administrative skills

B. Relationship, Supervision, Term

1. Directly accountable to and supervised by the Lead Pastor. 2. Office hours 2 days per week including Tuesday staff meeting at 9 am.

C. Salary/Time

1. $20/hour/20 hour per week 2. Reviewed annually by the Lead Pastor and the Leadership Team.

D. Responsibilities

1. Scheduling all worship teams, and recruit for worship teams. Utilize Planning Centre tool and song select to help with this and keep it up. 2. Prepare music for instrumentalists and worship teams 3. Scheduling instrumentalists using Planning Centre. 4. Work with the sound team to ensure production quality 5. Care for platform set-up for services, worship team practices and seasonal decor. 6. Prepare computer presentations of music for services and oversea a team of people to run media Sunday morning. 7. Participating in singing and playing instrumentally 8. Chair the program team to help plan services and plan and co-ordinate special services. 9. Oversee church choir ministry. 10. Recruit and work with vocal/instrumental, special music group as time allows – including securing music tracks and aiding in practices. 11. Search for new music to teach the congregation. 12. Helping with programming of special and seasonal services such as Easter and Christmas. 13. Contact and schedule special music for services in conjunction with the program team. 14. Attend weekly staff meetings. 15. Contact all service participants, prepare weekly Program notes. 16. Assist with additional services; ie. Funerals, special evening services.

E. Role Expectations

1. Contribute to a positive and effective team dynamic in the church 2. Play a key role in creating meaningful worship experiences where people can experience Jesus in fresh ways that motivate them to love and serve Him. Work to make our Sunday morning services a significant event each week for people to look forward to being part of. 3. Craft experiences and opportunities for people to discover and use their musical gifts, where the good news of Jesus can be shared, and where followers of Jesus receive inspirations and blessing. 4. Ongoing personal growth in leadership and ministry skills.

Posted: May 2, 2017  |  Expires: July 31, 2017
Posted Under: Pastoral - Music
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