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Company: Carey Outreach Ministries
Contact Person: Bob Penhearow
47 Keys Crescent
Guelph, Ontario , N1G 5J7
Phone: 519 837 5486
Position Description

Organizational Overview:  Carey Outreach Ministries offers seminary level theological education to pastors and spiritual leaders who because of location or economic constraints would not normally have access to such training.  Carey is recognized in both Canada and the United States to award Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees in Theological Studies.  Working with networks of churches in upwards of a dozen countries, Carey has focussed on training the next generation of pastors and teachers in countries such as The Philippines, Egypt, Lebanon, India, Cuba and Myanmar.  We are Reformed in our theology, upholding the five “Solas,” and hold to the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith.  Carey’s motto is: “Training Spiritual leaders that shape the church and influence the nation.” 

Mission Statement:  We passionately serve local church networks by focusing on current and future leaders through on site modular programs and conferences, as well as distance education.  We send qualified men who combine pastoral experience with academic excellence.

Job Summary:  With our founding President retiring to a less demanding role, his very many functions are being divided between three new positions.  The President will be a visionary team leader, aggressively pursuing Carey’s mission and mandate for the glory of God.  He will be passionate about equipping pastors by strengthening their theological foundations leading to life-transforming expository preaching.  Reporting directly to the Board, the President will oversee the work of the Operations Director(s) for home office administration and operations, and the work of the International Director, whose focus is on the networks of churches, the established Bible schools, and the development of new fields. 

Responsibilities:  ●Be the visionary ‘face’ of Carey Outreach Ministries in home nations and international networks.  ● Build, energize and develop the Carey Outreach Ministries ‘team’ on both the ‘home front’ and internationally ● Oversee the International Director as he delivers theological education internationally through serving, maintaining and pioneering international church networks ● Oversee the Operations Director(s) as he ensures smooth and appropriate administrative support, and that all national legal, financial and tax regulations are being met ● Contribute to the expansion of Carey’s international cadre of instructors (currently including Canadian, American and British pastor/scholars) ● Contribute to the expansion of Carey’s partnerships as we pursue this exciting Kingdom ministry. 

Skills and Requirements:  ● A passionate, mission-hearted follower of the Lord Jesus Christ ● He will catch, expand and vigorously pursue Carey’s Mission to the glory of God ● A team builder and leader of leaders, the President will envision, build and encourage the Carey Outreach Ministries ‘team’● Minimum of 20 years ministry experience, including as senior pastor and/or missionary team leader  ● Extensive experience including cross-cultural teaching  ● Ideally he will hold an earned doctorate (D.Min or Ph.D) ● Significant experience and comfort in international travel, including to and within developing countries (it is estimated that the position will require 2-4 weeks travel per year) ● His skill-set will include confidence in leading a geographically dispersed, multi-member team, preaching, teaching, fund-raising, organization and administration.

Benefits:  ● Remuneration will be a combination of that which is provided by the Mission and that which is raised by the incumbent ● Would need to be located in close proximity to the Guelph head office of Carey Outreach Ministries.

Additional: ● Part time, permanent. Ideally to fully assume responsibilities in March of 2018.

Posted: July 12, 2017  |  Expires: September 15, 2017
Posted Under: International/Missions
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