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Full Time Lead Pastor

Full Time Lead Pastor

Company: Dryden Free Methodist Church
Contact Person: Susan (The Free Methodist Church in Canada)
261 Van Horne Avenue
Dryden, Ontario , P8N 2C3

Position Description

The Dryden Free Methodist Church is searching for a full-time Lead Pastor who is as Christ-centered and focused as the congregation members are, and can guide us as we continue to grow in our relationship with Christ. We desire a Pastor who’s graciousness is modeled by the grace God has shown His children, but who is also not afraid to be assertive when necessary and who understands these characteristics are not at odds with one another; an individual who is passionate, authentic, and approachable. The successful candidate will be an outgoing and confident leader who is able to strike the appropriate balance between being rooted in our past while assisting us as we move towards our future.

We desire an individual who has the creativity and energy to assist us in adapting our church to become a place that can address the changing needs of those in the Dryden area; who is perceptive to these needs, both obvious and veiled.

In a small community such as Dryden, co-operation among those different from us is often required. We need a Pastor who desires to work with other congregations in the interest of proclaiming the kingdom of God, whenever possible. Someone who is gentle and humble enough to acknowledge that there are many ways to achieve the goal of declaring God’s glory without compromising on core church doctrine.

We are seeking a Lead Pastor who can steer our church members in becoming disciples who have the confidence and knowledge to follow God’s plan, and to encourage them to become an active disciple in our community;  who will provide guidance that will facilitate our desire to be a church engaged in our local and global communities. 

Please contact Susan by email at to request a copy of the Dryden church profile and pastoral job description.  You will then receive instructions on how to apply for the position.

Posted: July 27, 2017 | Renewed: June 27, 2018 | Expires: August 7, 2018
Posted Under: Pastoral
Career ID: [ 4288 ]