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Lead Mandarin Pastor

Lead Mandarin Pastor

Company: Hallelujah Chinese Evangelical Free Church
Contact Person: Pastoral Search Committee
393 Middlefield Road
Scarborough, Ontario , M1S 5A9
Phone: 416-297-8197

Position Description

Hallelujah Chinese Evangelical Free Church is in the process of developing a Mandarin ministry, with the goal of primarily reaching the Mandarin-speaking people in our community.  We are seeking a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ who models a life of love, faith and purity to serve and lead our church in the development and growth of the Mandarin ministry. 

This individual must be an example to the flock, a faithful steward, upright with humility, spiritually mature and devoted wholeheartedly to Jesus Christ.  This individual also must have great integrity, and demonstrate healthy leadership with a servant heart.  Lastly, this individual must be one who understands the culture of those who speak Mandarin and English, and preferably also Cantonese, and have a strong desire to work within a ministry team that emphasizes togetherness, despite different languages spoken and cultures.

HCEFC is a church of over 300 members. By God’s grace, our congregations embrace the vision to collectively glorify God in proclaiming the Gospel as “one church”.

Role Overview

The Lead Pastor will be responsible for working with the existing Mandarin Ministry Core Group and congregants to develop and implement a plan to: a) reach out to the Mandarin speaking community, b) develop outreach initiatives and programming for the Mandarin community, c) result in the eventual creation of a Mandarin Ministry service, and other church ministries such as fellowships, Sunday school classes, etc. for Mandarin speakers.

The Lead Pastor is responsible in providing spiritual leadership to our Mandarin ministry by: a) modeling a life of grace and love of God, b) proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, c) teaching the whole counsel of the Word of God, d) engaging in pastoral care ministries, and e) providing leadership and guidance in all areas of church life.



  1. 接觸普通話社群,
  2. 為普通話社群開發外展計劃及活動,
  3. 最終目標是成立普通話崇拜,以及其他相關事工,如團契和主日學等,以服侍普通話群體。


  1. 以身作則, 活出滿有神的愛及恩典的生命,
  2. 宣講耶穌基督的福音,
  3. 全面地教導神的話語,
  4. 參予教牧關顧事工,及,
  5. 在教會生活的各層面上提供領導和指引。


  • Provide leadership and guidance to the development and implementation of the Mandarin ministry at HCEFC, including assessing spiritual gifts of congregants and providing discipleship/ministry training
  • Preaching the Truth from the Word of God with passion and conviction.
  • Mentoring our church to discover their spiritual gifts, and to equip them to answer their callings
  • Building up leaders to serve in various capacities and provide direct training to the ones called to serve on church board.
  • Work collaboratively with the whole Pastoral team to cast a ministries-centered vision and develop supporting strategies with which to effectively lead the church with the Church Board.
  • Working with church leaders and other pastoral staff to create short-term themes and set long-term visions for the church.
  • Providing insight, support and guidance for all the different ministries within the church.
  • Extending pastoral care and providing counseling services to the congregation when necessary.
  • Providing monthly pastoral report to church board and participate in church board meetings.


  • 為頌主播道會普通話事工的發展和執行提供領導和指導,包括評估會眾的屬靈恩賜,並提供門徒/事工培訓。
  • 存著熱誠和信心宣講神的真理。
  • 導領會眾發掘他們的屬靈恩賜,並裝備他們回應感召。
  • 建立領袖,以便在各層面上服侍,並直接地培訓參予教會職員會。
  • 與整個教牧團隊合作,一起制定事工的異象和推動策略,讓教會職員會能有效地帶領教會。
  • 與教會領袖和其他教牧同工們合作,為教會製定短期的主題及長期的異象。
  • 為教會內不同部門提供意見,支援和指導。
  • 向有需要的會眾提供適切的關顧和輔導。
  • 每月向教會提供教牧報告,並參加教會職員會會議。


  • Subscribe to and agree with the Statement of Faith of Evangelical Free Church of Canada.
  • M. Div or higher in an accredited seminary.
  • At least 5 years of pastoral experience and be willing to go through the EFCC credentialing process as required
  • Fluency in spoken and written Mandarin and English; Cantonese is an asset but not a requirement.
  • Strong preaching, mentoring, and leadership skills.
  • Enthusiastic, friendly and approachable.
  • Experienced in multi-cultural setting.


  • 支持並同意加拿大播道會的信仰宣言及體制。
  • 在認可的神學院取得道學碩士或更高學歷。
  • 至少5年的牧會經驗,並願意通過加拿大播道會認證過程。
  • 操流利普通話及英語,懂廣東話更佳,有良好中英文書寫能力。
  • 有講道,導引和領導恩賜。
  • 善於溝通及有良好人際關係。
  • 具多元文化環境的工作經驗。

How to Apply

Please send your Resume and Statement of Faith to the Pastoral Search Committee:

393 Middlefield Road, Scarborough, Ontario M1S 5A9

T: 416-297-8197




393 Middlefield Road, Scarborough, Ontario M1S 5A9


Posted: September 5, 2017 | Renewed: April 11, 2019 | Expires: October 10, 2019
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