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Program Director

Program Director

Company: Frontier Trails Camp
Contact Person: Marie Tubby
10545, Hwy 60
Eganville, Ontario , K0J 1T0
Phone: 6136252416

Position Description

Responsible to

The Director

General Purpose

To assist in the planning of the overall summer program and provide hands on direction to the daily running of the camp program

Spiritual Purpose

To function as a Spiritual Team rather than as a collection of independent persons filling positions. The Spiritual objectives of camp will only be achieved as each staff member consistently lives out their Biblical faith


  1. Prior to camp, gather theme related props, decorations and equipment
  2. Develop fun and safe program plans prior to coming to camp
  3. Attend staff training and be prepared to assist if required
  4. Decorate the Dining Hall to enhance each weekly theme
  5. Label the Dining Hall tables with cabin names and numbers
  6. Plan a cabin team building activity for Sunday evening
  7. Plan and execute all the All Camp evening programs
  8. Facilitate theme related activities at meals
  9. Coordinate announcements with the Director
  10. Plan and execute the weekly staff appreciation party – games and food
  11. Plan, delegate and run Free Time activities
  12. Plan the Stayover program on weekends
  13. Be in charge of Camp  cookout
  14. Maintain Staff room or delegate maintenance of staff room
  15. Be responsible to maintain the Prop cupboard
  16. Clean-up and neatly store theme materials so they can be reused
  17. Make recommendations to the Director regarding equipment needs: both present and future


  • Demonstrate a consistent Biblical lifestyle and leadership example for staff to follow
  • Attend morning Prayer Meeting and Bible Study daily
  • Spiritually mentor the staff, encouraging their personal devotions and prayer time
  • Maintain a personal devotional life and prayer time. Pray for campers and staff
  • Have solid organizational skills
  • Enjoy being in front of campers – enthusiastically
  • Have good communication and people skills
  • Have a servant’s heart and willingness to be flexible
  • Have vision for program enhancement
  • Be willing to perform tasks other than those assigned, if requested


Marie Tubby, Camp Director

Ph: 1-613-625-2416

Fx:  1-613-625-2416


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