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Associate Pastor of Worship & Technology

Associate Pastor of Worship & Technology

Company: Dalhousie Church
Contact Person: Karen Chapman
5511 Baroc Road NW
Calgary, Alberta , T3A4R1
Phone: 4032868528

Position Description

Associate Pastor of Worship & Technology

Dalhousie Church

Date Posted: 01/15/2018

Categories: Worship Pastor

Denominations: Mennonite Brethren

Church Size: 251-500

Job Type: Full-Time


REASON for the search:  We presently have a part-time worship director who has done a great job engaging our people in worship.  As we seek to steward where our people are, continue engaging them further in worship, and build our worship experience and ministry, we've realized the timing is right to make this position full-time. 

The specific DUTIES of the Pastor of Worship & Technology will involve the following:

Primary Responsibility : responsible for Dalhousie’s corporate worship through song/music 

    •       Plan and lead (i) Sunday morning music and (ii) worship at other special services such Christmas Eve and Good Friday.  Such planning and leading includes but is not limited to: working with the Teaching Pastor to plan a song list and service that thematically aligns with the sermon’s theme; scheduling the necessary band members; ensuring all technical and audiovisual elements are in place; and conducting necessary practices

    •       Identify, qualify and recruit new worship team members, as needed

    •       Mentor and shepherd worship team members & develop other worship teams

    •       Help teach and engage Dalhousie’s congregants in true, biblical worship.

Oversee any other worship teams (ie: Youth Band)

    •       Identify, recruit and train band members

    •       Help identify, develop and mentor leaders for each band

Responsible for (i) all technical aspects (audio and visual) of Dalhousie’s worship and other services; and (ii) digital media and other media/technology:

    •       Identify, recruit, train, and schedule members of Sunday morning tech/production team.  The Sunday morning tech team oversees sound, video, slides, and weekly uploading of sermon to website.

    •       Ensure that needed tech team members are scheduled for other services and events in Dalhousie’s facility (such as funerals, special gatherings, building use requests, etc.)

    •       Schedule and oversee the production of video, graphic, stage design, & other media related content throughout the year that is used in baptismal services, to promote special events, or highlight ministries.

    •       Sunday morning tech responsibilities to be handled by Pastor or Worship & Small groups, including but not limited to;


 Be responsible for Dalhousie’s Small Group Ministry

    •       Oversee and create, as needed, various small groups, discipleship courses, & outreach initiatives. Present environment include Wednesday & Sunday discipleship classes, & various small groups or varying ages & size.

    •       Identify, recruit and equip small group leaders.

    •       Strategically determine how to continually engage Dalhousie’s congregation, encouraging them to participate in small group ministry’s.

Handle various pastoral duties, as needed, which may include visitation, weddings, and/or funerals.


The needed QUALIFICATIONS/SKILLS for a Pastor of Worship & Small Groups:

    •       Possess a doctrinal position that is complementary to Dalhousie Church

    •       A college degree is required

    •       Biblical training from a bible college or seminary (or willingness to obtain necessary education in the course of the job) is preferred

    •       Have demonstrated training, knowledge and skill in music, elements of music theory, performance, and vocals.

    •       Successful experience in leading worship either at a medium or large church.

    •       Knowledge and experience in current technical systems and applications necessary for and used in worship production. Some of Dalhousie’s current technical applications include a digital soundboard, in-ear monitors, digital lighting and Pro-Presenter.  Dalhousie's website is through Wordpress.

    •       Familiarity with graphic design would be an asset in this role

    •       Possess the proven ability to qualify, recruit, train, release and supervise leaders

    •       Excellent interpersonal skills

    •       A self-starter

    •       Ability to take a desired vision, create timely process to implement it, and lead a team to accomplish it

In addition to the skills/gifting described above the ideal candidate would

    •       feel a calling to worship, discipleship small group ministries

    •       have a clear vision for worship ministry in a church and an excited willingness and proven track record in building and leading a team toward that vision

Posted: January 25, 2018 | Expires: April 25, 2018
Posted Under: Pastoral
Career ID: [ 4873 ]