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Full-time Pastor

Full-time Pastor

Company: Capilano Christian Assembly
9333 50 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta , T6B 2L5

Position Description

Position to be filled: 

Full-time Pastor


Capilano Christian Assembly

Edmonton, AB


General Description of Position

Capilano Christian Assembly (CCA), an evangelical church located in Edmonton, Alberta, is looking for an individual to serve as the full-time pastor. As a member of the team of elders he will provide leadership and spiritual oversight to the congregation, and be the main teacher and preacher for weekly gatherings. He will assist in shepherding, discipling, and providing care for those God has placed in our church body.


With the incumbent called to a new ministry, we are seeking a qualified candidate with a strong calling to fill this role. The key duties of the successful candidate and the qualifications for the position are outlined below.


Main functions

  • Join the elders in providing spiritual and visionary leadership, helping to inspire and mobilize those at CCA to cultivate personal relationships with God and thereby become disciples, servants, and witnesses to the community;
  • Model, oversee, and work with the other elders to provide pastoral care, including spiritual counselling, visitation, pre-marital counselling, weddings, and funerals;
  • Capably teach/preach God’s word (in the pulpit approximately 60% of the time) and through this to encourage, build in faith, and challenge the congregation to build relationships with one another, as well as with non-believers so that we can effectively share with them the good news of Jesus Christ;
  • Reach out to our various demographic groups (e.g., our post-secondary students to help them grow in faith and to assist them in countering the humanistic, atheistic, and evolution-centred teaching);
  • Provide direction to other paid and volunteer church staff and leaders, contributing to coordination of ministries and outreach initiatives to our community;
  • Assist with the planning and promotion of evangelistic outreach to our community; and
  • Be available at the church during regular church office hours.

Character and Qualifications

  • As one of the elders, realizes the benefits of plural leadership and sees himself as part of a pastoral leadership team of paid staff and lay elders; 
  • Has a shepherd’s heart, is approachable, a good listener who cares deeply for people, and is able to provide spiritual guidance for those in need;
  • Desires to encourage and “prepare God’s people for works of service” (Eph. 4:12). He is prepared to model and mentor;
  • Has a servant’s heart with a willingness to carry out a wide variety of responsibilities, including “menial” tasks when necessary. He will need to set boundaries but must think of the work as “service to the Lord”, not a tidy 9-5 job. The successful applicant must be able to both take and give direction;
  • Has a solid belief in the authority of scripture, a cautious attitude towards theologies that have potential to be divisive (e.g., evolution, extreme Calvinism, amillennialism, extremes of Pentecostalism, etc.); 
  • Values the weekly celebration of communion as an integral part of our core practices; 
  • Recognizes the biblical role of male leadership in the oversight of the local church but encourages opportunities for male and female leadership in various church ministries and activities; and
  • Has a number of years of post-secondary training and/or employment experience in church ministry (or a related field through which inter-personal skills and spiritual maturity have been developed/enhanced).


Applying for the position

Interested candidates should forward their résumé—describing their experience, training, brief biographical and spiritual background statement, list of references with phone/email contact information—to  


Closing date: April 30, 2018 or until a suitable candidate has been found.



Capilano Christian Assembly

9333 50 Street NW

Edmonton, AB T6B 2L5

t: 1-780-469-7801


Capilano Christian Assembly Statement of Faith


We believe that:

  • The Bible comes from God and is His true message, the basis of our beliefs and behaviour.
  • There is one God, made known to us in three persons: God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus Christ is fully God and fully human. He lived a perfect life, but gave up that life so that we may truly live. He rose bodily from the dead and now lives in heaven, representing, to the Father, those who trust Him.
  • The Holy Spirit is God, and he personally convinces us of our need for God. He lives in those who trust in Jesus Christ and gives us the ability to live as God desires.
  • Human life alone is made in the image of God and is precious. All people, having turned from God, need Him to rescue them from their naturally sinful condition and choices.
  • In order to be rescued from the consequences of our sins, we must individually recognise our need for God. We must trust that the death of Jesus removes our deserved punishment and provides the only way to be right with God. The ultimate consequence for those who do not trust in the work of Jesus Christ is eternal separation from God, while those who trust will be forever with Him.
  • The church, both local and worldwide, is made up of those who trust in Jesus Christ. Its fundamental purpose is to bring glory to God.
  • In the future, Jesus Christ will return to reward and judge all of His creation.



Who is Capilano Christian Assembly?

Capilano Christian Assembly is an evangelical church born out of the Christian Brethren movement and connected to a number of other Christian Brethren assemblies in the Edmonton area. CCA began meeting as a church in 1978 and for about 20 years rented various facilities for its meetings. In 1993, CCA elders summarized the long-term plan to grow in numbers and financial strength until we could buy or build our own facility capable of accommodating a congregation of 300-400. We believed this would be a good size from which to daughter new churches (our second objective).


In March, 2001, the dream of having our own building was realized. Soon after that, in August 2003, we sent a group of 80-90 to form a new church – Southview Christian Fellowship. In September 2007, about 20 left to begin a house church called Agricola Community Church.


Today, CCA is a thriving congregation with Sunday attendance of approximately 300, located adjacent to the Ottewell neighbourhood of Edmonton. CCA has many young families and vital children’s ministries, but also has a broad cross-section of congregants with varying backgrounds and at different stages of life. At CCA, we continue to be humbled by the Lord’s grace in choosing to work among us in exciting ways over the past 40 years. For many of us this process of modest but steady growth has been a powerful faith builder.

Posted: February 9, 2018 | Expires: May 10, 2018
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