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Worship Pastor - Vineland

Worship Pastor - Vineland

Company: Southridge Community Church
Contact Person: Jeff Martens
201 Glenridge Ave.
St. Catharines, Ontario , L2T 3J6
Phone: 905-682-9901

Position Description


Job Title: Vineland Location Worship Pastor Reports To: Inspiration Pastor

Primary Duty as Worship Pastor: To oversee and direct the Sunday service ministries in the Vineland location and contribute to creative programming and resourcing as part of the Inspiration Team.

General Expectations:

Character – It is expected that all paid staff demonstrate the spiritual maturity required to effectively serve as Christ-expressive examples for others to follow and to function as servant leaders in the Spirit of Christ. As well, because of the spiritual nature of the church’s work, it is expected that they would continue to nurture and deepen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ in a way that increasingly relies on His Holy Spirit’s guidance, power and protection.

Chemistry – It is expected that all paid staff effectively contribute to fostering increasingly healthy team dynamics so that the ministry’s full potential may be realized. In staff, volunteer and congregational settings, it is expected that they would proactively encourage others and reactively resolve conflict in ways that seek to build and strengthen the unity of the Body and Bride of Christ.

Competency – It is expected that all paid staff develop and exercise their spiritual gifts to their full potential. It is also expected that paid staff serve in positions that align with their areas of strength, and that their staff position multiplies the ministry capacity of the church through the leadership of others. Particularly, paid staff are expected to effectively perform the following ministry functions:

o Promote the vision and direction of their area of ministry
o Provide support for the leaders and volunteers in their area of ministry

• Culture – It is expected that all paid staff emulate, articulate, and enhance the unique DNA of the Southridge community, committing unconditionally to loving, supporting, unifying, and spiritually accounting for our church family. It is expected that the staff culture is promoted through active engagement in the three dimensions of a fully devoted lifestyle of following Christ.

Specific Responsibilities:

50% - Vineland Location Worship Pastor – Provide leadership and direction to Sunday services in the Vineland location, as well as leading and/or overseeing the contributing ministries such as worship, production, creative arts, prayer, etc. (see attached detailed responsibilities for more)

50% - Creative Programming & Development – Contribute to service planning, programming, resourcing and development, as well as other Inspiration Team initiatives. This part of the role is somewhat dependent on personal skillsets. Valuable skills include event planning, copy writing, audio/video production, prayer and discipleship gifting, etc. 

Posted: February 22, 2018 | Expires: May 23, 2018
Posted Under: Pastoral - Music
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