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Company: Newmarket & District Christian Acadamy
Contact Person: Leah Lundy
221 Carlson Dr.
Newmarket, Ontario , L3Y 4X1

Position Description

The Principal at Newmarket & District Christian Academy (NDCA) plays a critical role in leading the organization, leading both spiritually and academically.  In addition, s/he needs to focus on decisions and actions regarding improving student academic achievement, as well as their spiritual and physical wellbeing. The Principle is required to set directions, build relationships, develop people and the organization, work to improve the instructional program, and secure accountability. Overall, effectiveness as a leader is important to the success and sustainability of the school.

Spiritual Leader 

The Principle must be a Bible believing Christian, acknowledge Christ as Savior, and seek to live life as His disciple.  The Principal must believe in and actively support the school’s statement of faith – they must adhere to the responsibility of being a role model and mentor in attitude, speech and action towards others (Luke 6:40).  The Principal is also responsible to emphasize spiritual outreach and focus on sharing the Christian Faith with others.

Building Relationships and Developing People

The Principal must work to foster trust and be consistently visible and approachable within the school. The Principal must have respectful and quality interactions with students, teachers, parents, Board Members and the school community. The Principal must encourage staff to see themselves as leaders, encouraging them to use their expertise and reach their potential, as they have an important role to play within the school and with student success. Most importantly, the Principal should motivate and work with others to create a positive school culture; value the God given talents among staff; and work to appreciate, respect and affirm others. However, there may be times the Principal may need to engage staff in courageous conversations which may relate to challenging current practices and/or fostering innovation.  The Principal must listen and provide feedback to staff that will lead to a safe environment and improvement in student achievement and well-being.

Setting Direction    

The Principal must establish, in collaboration with board members, parents, staff, and students, a shared vision along with a commitment to the purpose and vision of NDCA, which is embedded in the Gospel. The Principal must strive to work toward promoting specific school goals in relation to a Christ-centred community.  The Principal must ensure the mission, vision and values of the school are maintained while communicating high performance expectations.

Work to Improve the Instructional Program    

The Principal must have high expectations for themselves, the teachers and the students. The Principal is required to recruit and select educators who embrace the faith and are skilled at delivering rich instruction.  The Principal is required to train and mentor teachers in order to encourage student achievement. The teachers must ensure that the needs of all students are met through enrichment or remedial practices.  The Principal must make sure that Individual Education Plans, for students with learning difficulties, are established and maintained with the appropriate accommodations and modifications. The Principal must also observe classroom instruction, conduct performance appraisals, and provide constructive feedback ensuring that teachers work to improve their practice and academic achievement.

Securing Accountability  

The Principal is required to promote collective responsibility among staff, and a strong accountability for student achievement along with spiritual and physical well-being. The Principal must encourage staff to continually examine and analyse their teaching practice.  Moreover, the Principal needs to help staff make connections between school goals and The Ministry of Education goals in order to strengthen commitment to school improvement efforts.


Along with the character traits and leadership abilities mentioned in the job description, the Principal must be an experienced and certified teacher with experience in the various divisions within the elementary panel.  


It is preferred that the Principal will have completed the Ontario Principal’s Qualification Course (part 1 and 2) or be working toward completing their qualifications. Alternatively, the Principal should have or be working toward the Elementary Principal Certification with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

NDCA, located in Newmarket, Ontario, is a parent-governed school, directed by a board of elected parents who represent various church denominations. Our mission is to assist families by providing a Christ-centred, Bible-based education that inspires each student to pursue a personal commitment to Christ, strength in moral character, academic excellence and service to others. To achieve our mission, each of us shares a responsibility to give our best each day to help deliver an exemplary, Bible-based education that will benefit the students and the Academy.

Please forward your cover letter and resume to Leah Lundy at Your cover letter should include your personal statement of faith. 

Posted: February 27, 2018 | Expires: July 1, 2018
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