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Youth Director

Youth Director

Company: Huron Park Baptist Church
Contact Person: Dave Steenburg
199 Berwick St.
Woodstock, Ontario , N4S 7L6

Position Description

Huron Park Baptist Church, part of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches, is looking for a full-time Youth Director to provide leadership for junior and senior high youth programs. We are looking for someone who could demonstrate the spiritual maturity to become an elder eventually, and because of our denominational position, this restricts the position to a male youth director.

Our regular youth programs have about 55 attending. This includes a weekly “carport youth” program, which invites students from the neighbouring high school who smoke in our church carport to come in for refreshments and games (basketball, cards). The Youth Director position is unique because, along with running a church youth program, part of the job is a program for non-church youth. The ideal candidate is one who can work well with both groups. A positive attitude, Christian leadership and strong interpersonal skills are required.

The ability to guide students into biblical truth to face life situations is a must. Musical ability would be a bonus for engaging youth in worship and for taking part in leading congregational worship.

The Youth Director reports to the Elders Team. The position begins early in August of 2018.

Please send your application to Dave Steenburg at


  • A heart for God and people, and a spiritual life congruent with biblical leadership qualifications.
  • Able to work well in a team environment.
  • Gifts of leadership, teaching and administration and a willingness to develop those gifts.
  • A Bachelors degree or equivalent (preferably from an evangelical college) and competency in handling biblical truth (2 Tim 2:15)
  • The ability to develop a thoughtful and relevant youth ministry at HPBC that engages students.
  • Must be self-starting and diligent in handling ministry responsibilities.
  • A strong desire to learn and grow personally –spiritually and vocationally.


  • To provide leadership and vision to the student ministries, balancing discipleship and outreach.
  • To develop a philosophy of ministry that fits the vision and values of HPBC.
  • To shepherd the HPBC’s students by leading, guiding, equipping and protecting them.
  • To partner with HPBC families in the nurture of their youth.
  • Recruit and shepherd volunteer youth leaders from HPBC with diverse gifts and personalities.
  • Assist in the development and oversight of the HPBC youth ministry budget.


  • Become a member of HPBC and be in agreement with its constitution and by-laws
  • Attend weekly HPBC worship services and staff meetings.
  • Be available on Sunday’s to connect with the students and their families.
  • Develop distinct and separate programming for junior high students (grades 6-8) and senior high students (grades 9-12).
  • To be supportive of the pastoral team and to contribute to the health of the church family.
  • Preach and teach on occasion in the absence of the Senior Pastor.
  • To create a safe environment for students and leaders by implementing Plan to Protect policies.
  • Organize at least one annual retreat for student ministries.
Posted: March 6, 2018 | Expires: July 4, 2018
Posted Under: Pastoral - Youth/Youth Worker
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