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Executive Pastor

Executive Pastor

Company: Pathway Community Church
Contact Person: Randy Froese
Box 203
Winkler, Manitoba , R6W 4A5
Phone: 2043321616

Position Description

This role is subject to a criminal record check and vulnerable persons check.



The Executive Pastor will work closely with the Lead Pastor in the implementation of the vision, share with the Lead Pastor general pastoral duties of the church, and be responsible for the adult discipleship ministry.

Personal Qualifications:

Committed Christ-follower who is called by God into full-time ministry

Love for strategic planning and discipleship
Strong organizational and leadership skills
Ability to build and lead volunteer teams

Job Qualifications:

Ability to lead effectively in a teaming culture of empowerment and decentralized decision making.

BA or BS degree desirable, comparable experience acceptable.
Meets Biblical qualifications for church leadership
Willingness to sign the Covenant of Personal and Professional Ethics of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada.
Have a strong level of competency with computers and multimedia.


Strategic Planning & Leadership Duties:                            50%

Conduct strategic goal setting; help define vision and goals.
Assist the staff in developing new ministry programs.
Coach the church’s ministries in developing plans that achieve goals.
Develop strategies and manage the Leadership Pipeline for ministry growth and program development.
Meet regularly with Lead Pastor for planning.
Participating with the pastoral staff and other church leadership in the strategic planning of the church program to give unity of direction and focus of energy to accomplish the mission and achieve the vision of the church.
Consulting with the staff and with the various ministries of the church the XP will oversee the church calendar so that there is as little overlap of events as possible.
The XP will oversee or produce key statistical data as is helpful for directing and managing the ministries at Pathway.
Other duties as assigned to help accomplish the mission and achieve the vision of the church.

Adult Discipleship Ministry Duties:                                    50%

Develop and equip an adult discipleship team
Schedule and lead adult discipleship team meetings to equip, guide and encourage the leaders.
Develop a streamlined, coordinated strategy for adult discipleship.
Manage LifeGroups program and adult classes.
Promote the evangelistic purpose of LifeGroups.
Recruit LifeGroup leaders.
Meet regularly with LifeGroup leaders to set vision and plan.
Provide and evaluate curriculum for LifeGroups.


Reports to the Lead Pastor.

Supervises and directs Adult Discipleship team
Supervises and directs LifeGroup Ministry volunteers.
Leads Leadership Pipeline.

Posted: March 8, 2018 | Renewed: August 24, 2018 | Expires: October 31, 2018
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