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Worship Director

Worship Director

Company: Springvale Church
Contact Person: Lillian Boyd
3885 Stouffville Road
Stouffville, Ontario , L4A 3X1
Phone: 905 887 5651

Position Description

Our mission is to join with God in creating passionate followers of Jesus. Our vision is to be a redemptive presence in York Region by nurturing Christ-centered families.

Director of Worship
This position has the mandate to grow and develop the people and the worship experience of Springvale church so that unbelievers connect with God and believers worship in spirit and truth in such a way that they are inspired to engage in obedience and mission.

Start Date: September 1, 2018
Reports To: Senior Pastor
Direct Reports: Worship Team
Partners With: Senior Pastor/Communications Coordinator
Status: Full-time at 40 hours a week.

Primary Responsibilities

1. Be the champion for Springvale Worship by modeling Christ-centered living and providing vision, inspiration, encouragement, & equipping to all involved in the ministry.
2. Worship Team Management
a. Recruit for and work closely with a Worship Lead Team for all planning, decisions and development of the ministry.
b. Ensure recruitment of volunteers/staff for all areas/positions that fall under Worship Ministry (Worship Lead Team, vocalists, band, sound, lighting, video, support, production, set design, creative team).
c. Recruit, develop, and evaluate individuals to lead services.
d. Recruit, develop, and evaluate leaders for all areas of the ministry with the goal of delegating responsibility and authority to lead those ministry areas.
e. Recruit, develop, and evaluate members of a creative team for idea/theme creation, visuals, promotion, special “touches” associated with all sermon series.
3. Leadership and Development of Worship Ministry
a. Shepherding/pastoring the volunteers and staff of the worship ministry.
b. Provide regular training and development for all positions/volunteers.
c. Work with Youth Director to develop a farm system to train/recruit talent from among the youth.
4. Sunday Services
a. Develop vibrant, life-giving worship services built around five key foci (singing, stories, announcements, prayer, & preaching) that engage people to participate and actively worship
b. Provide frequent worship instruction to grow people in their understanding and practice of worship
c. Ensure scheduling of personnel, agenda, set up are provided for each service
d. Coordinate with Communications re stories and announcements.
e. Coordinate with Connections Team as necessary.
f. Ensure the weekly podcast is uploaded and available by Monday morning.
g. Provide worship support for corporate prayer meetings.
5. Big Days (Christmas Eve, Easter, Mother’s Day, Adventure Camp Sunday, Baptisms)
a. Create themes and promotion necessary for all Big Days to be seeker oriented services where first time guests are valued and considered
b. Coordinate with Connections and Hospitality to ensure the proper ministry support is in place.
c. Work with Communications to promote the events and other ministries as necessary to ensure alignment.
6. Miscellaneous responsibilities:
a. Ensure promotion of series through Communications and announcements.
b. Oversee creation and building of sets.
c. Attend all Staff meetings and “all hands on deck” responsibilities.
d. Create and oversee budget for worship ministries.
e. Maintain/purchase equipment for worship ministries.
f. Oversee tech needs for facility rentals.
g. Participation in corporate prayer events.


1. Consistent, vibrant, engaging worship services that honor God.
2. A spirit of joy, enthusiasm and engagement in the ministry.
3. Services in which unbelievers connect with God and believers worship in spirit and truth.
4. Regular discipling and development of people through the ministry so that Springvale Worship is built upon many leaders and volunteers not just one person with a regular infusion of new talent and ability.
5. Dependable long term planning, scheduling, and support for worship ministry volunteers/staff.


Skills Required
1. A shepherding that motivates intentional action of seeking people out in order to help them grow in their personal relationship with Jesus
2. A self-starter that is able to initiate whatever necessary to meet the requirements of the ministry and enable it to thrive.
3. A humility that enables them to develop others and allow them to succeed in their area of gifting and passion.
4. Instrumental and vocal ability to be able to provide worship leadership.
5. Leadership ability to be able to recruit and manage others through delegation of responsibility and authority.
6. Sufficient administrative ability to provide scheduling, planning, and organization for the ministry to thrive.

Springvale Church welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

Posted: March 29, 2018 | Expires: September 1, 2018
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