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IT Engineer

IT Engineer

Company: Alpha Ministries Canada
Contact Person: Janice
101 - 26 Fourth St.
New Westminister, British Columbia , V3L 5M4

Position Description

Part-time position (New Westminster, BC)


Alpha Ministries Canada is a national Christian non-profit organization with creative and highly motivated people. What excites us and joins us together, as a team, is the privilege of serving the Church in Canada. Alpha has an opportunity for an individual to be an influence in IT solutions that will serve staff and volunteers, and help us connect with local Alphas’ digital data, which we believe allows us to serve the Church better than we ever have before. As the IT Engineer, you’ll be tackling resourcing our team with technologies that best fit our needs, new ideas that streamline our data processes and moves with cultural transitions to provide innovative ways to reach new efficiencies.

Expertise / Experience:

The candidate will possess the capability to consistently support the ongoing maintenance and some development of systems, and attend to hardware and software needs. They will need to demonstrate an appetite for learning new technologies.

A level of education or training equivalent to a degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or Communications and other computer-based applications of the latest technologies is required.

You will be a leader that can multi-task and deliver excellent verbal and written communications in a team environment. You will need to be well-versed in PhP, Html, SQL and of network and system architectures such as servers and routers. Having a strong working knowledge in operating system software and CRMs, coupled with a commitment to extraordinary servanthood will set you up to win in this role.

Responsibilities (what you get to do):
  • Influence the way Alpha finds creative solutions to its technology (hardware and software) needs
  • Be a part of the Alpha Team locally and globally
  • Facilitate progress; inspire sustainability, growth and possibility
  • Prioritize and co-ordinate an array of IT implementation tasks with the Alpha Team
  • Collaborate with others as a member of the Strategic Team on scalable solutions
  • Engineer the CRM and CMS maintenance and documentation
  • Oversee CRM data analysis and reporting
  • Problem solve on the fly
Posted: April 4, 2018 | Expires: April 30, 2018
Posted Under: Information Technology
Career ID: [ 5189 ]