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Youth Pastor, Highland Baptist Church

Youth Pastor, Highland Baptist Church

Company: Highland Baptist Church
Contact Person: Ruth Mill
135 Highland Road West
Kitchener, Ontario , N2M 3B9

Position Description

Highland Youth Pastor Job Description
Our Mission: We are striving to be a dynamic Christian Youth Group (grades 7-12) dedicated to providing opportunities to explore faith and encounter Jesus Christ.
Our Vision: We want to see youth (grades 7-12) equipped to take ownership of their faith in Jesus Christ, so they may live out healthy, strong and active Christian lives now and in the future, intentionally investing into the life of the church, their families, the local and global community, and themselves.
Our Values: We work hard to:
• Support youth in their lives and faith journeys in Jesus
• Value, accept and respect each other
• Develop meaningful relationships
• Create a fun and safe place
• Support families in raising their youth
Responsibilities as Youth Pastor:
• Develop a relational ministry with our youth and their families. Attend and participate in youth events.
• Seek to fulfill the mission and vision of the youth ministry, within the mission/vision of Highland.
• Implement, sustain and grow the youth ministry model and its values. (see appendix A-youth model)
• Continue the development of the youth ministry volunteer team model. Recruit, train, support, supervise and empower volunteers as they are fulfilling the vision and mission of the youth ministry within their part of the youth ministry model. (see appendix B-volunteer model)
• Evaluate, adopt and implement change to youth ministry as needed, supported and guided by new visioning.
• Be a strong advocate for youth participation and leadership within worship and church life.
• Be a strong advocate for authentic and meaningful ways for youth to worship, through youth services and within the current church service.
• Promote and develop ‘compassion experiences’ for youth/their families.
• Be a liaison for a young adult ministry. Encourage its growth and development. Support a young adult volunteer team.
• Adhere to the Safe Church Policy of Highland.
• Use social media within the youth ministry. Be accountable for all on-line and social media content published directly by the youth ministry.
• Pray for the youth, their families, volunteers, the church, its leaders and ministries.
• Conduct youth Inquirers classes, as needed which lead to Baptism and church membership.
• Engage in youth ministry networking.
Other Pastoral responsibilities:
1. Be present during worship.
2. Provide leadership within our worship service. Preach as needed within the church ministry team schedule.
3. Be an active member of the church ministry team. Attend staff meetings. Maintain regular office hours.
4. Develop and maintain an annual budget for youth ministries, (overseen by C.E. Team).
5. Be an active member of the Christian Education Team and attend its monthly meetings.
6. Complete other pastoral duties as required.
The Youth Pastor will be directly accountable to and supervised by the Senior Pastor. The Youth Pastor will also be expected to provide monthly reports to the Senior Pastor and the Christian Education Team. All employees of Highland are overseen by the Personnel Committee of the church.
The successful candidate:
• Is deeply committed to Christ and models this commitment
• Possesses theological training, and is willing to engage in ongoing appropriate training and study
• Has training in, and understanding of, current youth ministry and culture
• Has a lot of creativity, energy and passion for youth, their lives and faith journeys in Jesus Christ
• Works well with people and is a relationship builder
• Has strong administrative, organizational and communication skills
• Has a proven track record of effectiveness in ministry
• Works well within a team ministry but is also a self-starter and strategic thinker
• Is fluent in, and comfortable with, technology and social media
Position Information:
1. This is a half time position (based on an average of 20 hours per week), two-year term, renewable.
2. Salary will follow the guidelines of the Baptist Convention and will be established by the Personnel Committee. CBOQ benefits will be provided.
3. Holiday period will be one month, (4 weeks, 5 Sundays).
4. During the first year, a six-month and a year-end evaluation will be conducted by the Senior Pastor and the Christian Education Team. In succeeding years, there will be an annual review. Recommendations will be submitted to the Personnel Committee.
5. Maintaining relevance and effectiveness in youth ministry through attendance of relevant conferences and continuing education is encouraged and supported by the church
6. Must become a member of Highland Baptist Church.
Contact Email Ruth Mill, Chair of Search Committee (
Ministry Website
Full Address Highland Baptist Church, 135 Highland Road West, Kitchener, ON N2M 3B9

Appendix A: Current Youth Model
The current youth program is divided into different types of events/activities each targeted to develop a key component of growth, faith and relationships within our youth.
DOWNLOAD: During Download the youth explore faith concepts and seek to answer, through discussion and teaching, the tough questions facing them today.
UPLOAD: Typically held during school P.D. days, and retreats/ mini missions, or through participation/leadership in our worship services, these activities help our youth to ‘serve’ or ‘give back’ of themselves.
FUN AND FRIENDS: These events and activities provide an opportunity for our youth to invite a friend out to youth group. These provide a safe, fun, non-threatening way for ‘new’ kids to feel connected and to have a great time.
PARENTS AND TEENS: Intergenerational relationships and faith connections are made between our youth and their parents as they interact in everything from silly games, service projects to faith discussions.
RETREATS AND LOCK-INS: Retreats, such as our fall kick off, or larger ones, such as Blizzard and Avalanche, provide experiences for our youth to explore faith concepts, have fun and develop closer relationships.
PARENT RESOURCES: This component of the youth ministry seeks to provide parents of our youth with current resources to support them in their relationships with their kids. Periodic meetings also help parents to come together to explore and support each other as they ‘parent teens.’

Appendix B: Volunteer Model
Each section of the current youth model is supported by a volunteer or team of volunteers. The Youth Pastor supports each of the programs and is a partner/supervisor in the development of all activities. The Youth Pastor empowers the volunteers to fulfill the vision and mission of the youth ministry model.
Volunteer recruitment has been based on the model provided by Mark DeVries in his book, The $100 Bet.
All volunteers come together periodically to meet, share and discuss concerns, assess current ministry needs, support each other and to pray for the youth ministry. The volunteer team also attends events, such as Today`s Teens, for on-going training in youth ministry.

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