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Executive Director Long Term Care Salvation Army

Executive Director Long Term Care Salvation Army

Company: Holland Group Inc
Contact Person: Liz Holland
36 Toronto Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Ontario , M5C2C5
Phone: 416 406 0379

Position Description

Executive Director



Holland Group Inc is exclusively representing the Salvation Army for the exciting search for an Executive Director for the wonderful Long term Care facility Grace Manor Ottawa

The Salvation Army is an International Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible; its ministry is motivated by love for God and the needs of humanity.

Executive Director Long Term Health Care


Holland Group Inc is exclusively representing the Salvation Army for the exciting search for an Executive Director for the wonderful Long term Health Care facility Grace Manor


The Executive Director is accountable to the Area Commander for the overall management of the Ottawa Grace Manor. Through effective management of all resources, the Executive Director will ensure the delivery of optimal care and service, based on legislative requirements and The Salvation Army Ottawa Grace Manor’s standards.

The Executive Director is held to the highest standard and is required to perform their duties in a manner consistent with the Salvation Army Ottawa Grace Manor’s core values and ethics, ensure resident and worker safety, and demonstrate customer service excellence while responsible for planning, implementation and evaluation of holistic care programs and services provided to the residents.


The Ottawa Grace Manor is a Long-Term Care Home owned and operated by The Salvation Army with a 10 million dollar budget and 128 long term care beds.
Envisions and shapes the long-term vision and strategy of the Care Function at Ottawa Grace Manor to fulfill the ministry’s Mission.
ED Manages over 200 direct and indirect reports (staff and consultants) including subordinates at the Senior Management level.
ED is responsible for: overseeing the operation of the Ottawa Grace Manor, budget and financial control of the OGM and development of policy and procedures that meet existing legislative and regulatory requirements and professional standards of practice
A strategic leader: a member of senior management team in planning, implementation and evaluation of facility-wide quality improvement/risk management activities. Oversees development of reports and attends meetings of the Board.
Chair of the Sr. Management Committee and attends the following committees: Ethics and Continuous Quality Care, Finance, and Strategic Planning.
Contributes to Board Executive meetings


General Strategy:
Responsible for the overall management of the OGM including directing, organizing and evaluating the day to day operations

Responsible for ensuring a high standard of holistic, resident centred health care service to the residents of the OGM with the resources available

Ensures a spiritual dynamic to all programming

Facilitates the development, implementation and evaluation of the long-range (strategic) plan in conjunction with the senior managers and the Board

Develops, in conjunction with the Board and senior managers, policies and objectives to achieve the mission and goals of the facility

Responsible for liaison with the Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters, Territorial Headquarters Consultants and external agencies/associations, including the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, AdvantAge ON, on behalf of the OGM and its staff.


Manages over 200 direct and indirect reports (staff and consultants)
Negotiates contracts with external consultants and contractors

Financial Accountability:

In conjunction with the Director of Finance, with input from the department managers, prepares the facility budget
Administers and operates within the approved budget for financial control, personnel management and resident care programs and ensures optimum utilization of resources
Approves all purchasing, support service, maintenance and consultant contracts for the facility and its programs.

Human Resources:

Appoints management personnel and defines management authority and responsibilities
Interprets facility employee relations policies and collective agreements as required
Responsible for hiring, orientating, supervising, evaluating, disciplining, and terminating all department managers
In conjunction with the Director Employee Relations works on an effective recruitment, orientation, and performance management process in accordance with Ottawa Grace Manor’s standards for all employees within all the departments
In conjunction with the Director Employee Relations, supervises, delegates, coaches, motivates, evaluates, recognizes, disciplines and terminates staff in accordance with facility policy and collective agreements
Fosters positive working relationships with the union and employee representatives
Demonstrates understanding of and compliance with legislative knowledge of the Employment Standards Act, Human Rights Act, Collective Agreement and MOHLTC Act as it applies to the nursing staff.
Health and Safety:

Demonstrates understanding of, and compliance with, workers’ responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, WSIB policy and Ottawa Grace Manor’s Health and Safety plans, policies and procedures
Oversees health and safety assures that every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure healthy safe workplace and takes action to address unsafe conditions and/or procedures, to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.

Community Relations:

Promotes a positive working environment with the service providers working with OGM
Establishes and maintains positive communication between the OGM and the community.

Family and Resident Relations:

Models and fosters an environment of positive customer service in all aspects and services provided by the OGM
Responds promptly to concerns of residents and family members, mediating a satisfactory response to concerns and implements action plans to avoid reoccurrence of similar issues

Quality Management:

Direct the implementation of quality and risk management program for the OGM
Ensures that all risk areas identified are addressed in a timely manner and according to OGM policy and applicable legislation.

Ministry of Health Compliance:

Fosters good working relationships with relevant persons within the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC)
Knows and interprets MOHLTC legislation, regulation and process
Oversees effective liaison with consultants and physicians
Ensures that systems and processes are in place to achieve and sustain compliance
Understands all components of related legislation for staff, residents and families.
Retains all legal documents in a secure place as required by legal and organizational standards


Education & Experience

Master’s Degree in Health Administration or related field or a combination of relevant education and experience
Minimum of five years’ experience in a similar position in long term care or equivalent position in health care
Demonstrated skill in the management of financial and human resources in health care.

Personal/Special Requirements:

Must possess the personal qualities and attitudes that respect and maintain the spirit, dignity and individuality of the residents and staff
Able to demonstrate or commit to a resident centred care leadership style
Ability to coach, lead and motivate staff
Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
Must have excellent interpersonal communication skills including the ability to coach and speak to large groups
Demonstrated organizational abilities
Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with staff, residents, visitors and the public
Must be in good health and physically and mentally able to carry out the position requirements and ability to cope effectively with job stress
A collaborative team approach with all managers and staff and creating a working climate that is positive and mutually supportiv e
Supports the mission, vision and values of The Salvation Army’s Ottawa Grace Manor.

Posted: April 9, 2018 | Expires: April 30, 2018
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