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Mission Focusing Consultant

Mission Focusing Consultant

Company: Hungry For Life
Contact Person: Dale Clark
45950 Alexander Avenue
Chilliwack, British Columbia , V2P 1L5
Phone: 6047030223

Position Description

At Hungry For Life, we exist because we see two problems and a common solution.

Physical Poverty: Today, half the world is desperately poor. Three billion people are wrestling with situations of hunger, sickness, and desperation. But, there is a potential for change and there are opportunities to flourish. 

Spiritual Apathy: In complete contrast, the Western world has been blessed with the single greatest concentration of material wealth in human history. Lives comfort, safety, and excess has left us wanting more. We too are hungry.


Join us!

We are looking for people who care about making a difference in the world. Hungry For Life is a faith-based relief and development organization seeking to address spiritual poverty in North America and extreme physical poverty around the world. 


>    Minimum one year post-secondary or commensurate experience


>    International travel and cultural interaction

>    Administrative leadership

>    Church leadership (an asset)


>    Growing and deepening relationships w/donor groups and prospects

>    Understanding and encouraging long term Missional relationships

>    Managing a caseload of donor groups appropriate to time commitment to HFL

>    Initiating relationship or responding to interest shown by groups to become involved in international compassion

>    Working with group leadership to determine the focus and scope of the desired international involvement

>    Working in cooperation with the international operations department, specifically Project Managers, to present options for international involvement

>    Initiating continuous and consistent conversation with group leadership

>    Preparing groups to send short-term teams to project locations with support from Teams and Project Services Administrators and Associate Team Leaders, including leading team meetings

>    Ensuring that team and project information is sent to the communications department

>    Initiating follow up communication and, if necessary, refocusing conversations with the leadership of donor groups as they move through a multi-year project plan

>    Leading short-term teams or assigning Associate Team Leaders to assist with the preparation and leadership of teams to project locations


>    Provide spiritual guidance and counsel to mission team members and church leaders

>    Promote HFL vision, mission and values to mission team members and church leaders

>    Preach and speak at congregational services and meetings

>    Travel domestically when required

>    Lead international mission teams when required

>    Participate in general ministry tasks as required


>    Adaptability; Belief; Communication; Competition; Harmony; Individualization; Input; Maximizer; Responsibility; Strategic; Woo


>    Exceptional people leadership & interpersonal skills

>    Good written and verbal communication skills

>    Competency in MS programs (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, SharePoint)


>    Director of Mission Focusing and Consulting


>   Full/part-time Supported

Posted: April 18, 2018 | Expires: September 4, 2018
Posted Under: International/Missions
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