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Director of Pulse Program

Director of Pulse Program

Company: Kingswood University
Contact Person: Dr. Janet M. Starks
26 Western Street, P.O. Box 5125
Sussex, New Brunswick , E4E 5L2
Phone: 506-432-4407

Position Description

Position Title: Director of Pulse Program

Classification: Part-time, nine-month (August 16th to May 15th)
Note: this position may be combined with other part-time positions at Kingswood University, for example, the Director of Worship

Responsible To: Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA)

Position Summary: To provide point leadership for the co-curricular program that facilitates holistic development of students through a Christian worldview. Weekly campus-wide sessions promote formation in the Head, Heart, Hands, and Habits, exposing students to topics and content not covered in the regular academic curriculum. Following John Wesley’s system of class meetings, Pulse Groups and Bands further aid in discipleship of students.


  • Assist the President and VPAA in carrying the spiritual burden for the University in promoting discipleship of students;
  • In conjunction with the VPAA and the Spiritual Formation Committee, schedule, contact, and confirm appropriate Wednesday Pulse speakers from inside and outside the institution; and work with the speakers in preparation for their visit to ensure they work within the format and purpose of Pulse;
  • Schedule and implement the Hands Days component of Pulse program;
  • Recruit, train, and mentor a Pulse Student Leadership Team to assist in the general operation of the program and who provide pastoral care to the student Pulse group leaders;
  • Recruit, train, supervise, and mentor student Pulse group leaders, providing creative opportunities for their involvement in campus events;
  • Provide and supervise a system of discipleship groups led by staff, spouses, and/or mature students, recruiting, training, and equipping leaders;
  • Provide and supervise a system of band groups for all students which focus on discipleship and mutual accountability;
  • Regularly evaluate and assess the overall quality of the Pulse program including the discipleship programs;
  • Regularly participate in campus spiritual life events – twice-weekly Chapel services and special emphasis services, etc.;
  • Perform other duties as are necessary for the ongoing spiritual life of the University, as requested by the VPAA.


The successful candidate should possess the following skills and attributes:

Formal Training and Experience:

  • Experience leading in a local church or ministry context, evidenced by an ability to build and implement programs, and work cooperatively with teams and mentor team members;
  • Formal theological education preferred.

Personality Strengths

  • A consistent positive attitude with a warm smile and gracious spirit;
  • A servant spirit, good team player with a healthy sense of humour;
  • A teachable spirit, able to accept constructive criticism and resolve conflict;
  • A mindset that is self-motivated, goal oriented, and task focused;
  • An ability to respond to challenges with creativity, confidence and positive expectancy;
  • An ability to take initiative, accept responsibility, and follow up with accountability.


  • Godly, spiritual maturity, with full-hearted devotion to Christ and the Church;
  • Genuine and apparent love for others demonstrated by consistent spirit of kindness, compassion, and respect for all;
  • Integrity and moral excellence, living a life above reproach;
  • A sincere respect and support for the doctrines of The Wesleyan Church;
  • A code of personal conduct consistent with those required of leaders in The Wesleyan Church;
  • A commitment to assist enthusiastically in fulfilling the mission of Kingswood University.


  • Preference will be given to the applicant with broad exposure to and knowledge of The Wesleyan Church and/or higher education.
  • Depending upon qualifications, there may be an opportunity for adjunct teaching for additional remuneration.

General University Information

Kingswood University exists to serve Jesus Christ by strengthening the local and global church through forming Christ-like servant leaders in a community that creatively blends academic excellence and practical ministry experience with intentional spiritual formation.

Kingswood University is owned by The Wesleyan Church.

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