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New Community Church Planting Pastor

New Community Church Planting Pastor

Company: First Baptist Church, Oshawa, Ontario
Contact Person: Dora Krizmanic
812 Hortop St
Oshawa, Ontario , L1G 4P1

Position Description

Brief Job Description
Do you have a great vision for bringing currently unchurched young adults, youth and young families to know Christ? Do you have a gift to build a new, healthy congregation in the existing church building and do great work in the community of Oshawa? Are you creative? Do you have energy and excitement about ministry? We know God has the right person to join us in this venture, to build a new community church founded on the CBOQ values. Are you up for the challenge? If so, please include with your application a brief description of why this calling appeals to you, along with a brief description of your vision, steps and timeline.

Overview of Church and Community
First Baptist Church, Oshawa is 147 years old. At present 40 – 60 attend traditional Sunday services in the large sanctuary, followed by coffee and conversation in the lower auditorium. The majority are seniors. As our membership declined, so also did our finances. Two years ago the congregation came together to discuss the situation and embraced a plan for the future. We have achieved a balanced budget and approved the Salt and Light Action Plan for the future. We seek God’s lead in hiring someone to plant a new community church in FBC where young families, youth and young adults will be drawn to accept the invitation to know God, His message and His plans for their lives.
More information about FBC is available on the website:

Roles and Responsibilities
Plant a new community church in the FBC, Oshawa building
Position responsibilities can be tailored to an individual candidate’s gifts and skills
Collaboratively develop, nurture, and communicate the vision and ministry strategy of the new plant with the Board of Deacons and members of the current congregation
Develop creative, strategic plans and yearly ministry action plans to accomplish the plant’s mission in consultation with the Board of Deacons and members of the current congregation
Build and develop a planting launch team comprised of members from FBC and possibly other CBOQ churches in the community
Champion Leadership Development, and develop and implement a Baptist community-wide Leadership Development Plan
Serve as the Pastor and Leader of the plant
Collect and celebrate faith stories and shared experiences from the congregation to share during worship services (“we value what we celebrate”)
Develop and lead team to provide initial contact and follow-up with visitors and new attendees
The responsibilities and time commitment for the position will grow as the membership grows. In time the new community church will be self sustaining. The existing congregation and the new community church will collaborate to make decisions on resources and plans of shared interest.
Initially a part-time position, with expectation to grow through grants available from CBOQ and through increased membership and financial contributions of new community church plant.

General Responsibilities
Pastoring the youth and their families in our Oshawa community.
Creating new and exciting ways to reach the youth and young families of Oshawa for Christ
Providing leadership to a new group of Christians.
Being creative in implementing new strategies in the church.
Reach a largely unchurched population of people
Lead and serve in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration with the entire leadership of FBC
Provide pastoral care (prayer, counseling, encouragement, etc.)
Participate as a leader and pastor in FBC Events in the event of the minister’s absence
Officiate weddings, funerals, baptisms, communion

Preferred Skills
While we recognize that no one person can possess all of these strengths, we believe a church planter will naturally exhibit many of these:
1. Visioning Capacity
The ability to imagine the future, to persuade other persons to
become involved in that dream, and to bring the vision into reality.
2. Intrinsically Motivated
One approaches ministry as a self-starter, and commits to excellence
through hard work and determination.
3. Creates Ownership of Ministry
One who instills in others a sense of personal responsibility for the growth
and success of the ministry and trains leaders to reproduce other leaders.
4. One Who Relates to Unchurched Youth, Young Adults and Families
One who develops rapport and breaks through barriers with unchurched
people, encouraging them to commit to practicing the way of Jesus.
5. Effectively Builds Relationships
The skill to take initiative in meeting people and deepening relationships
as a basis for more effective ministry.
6. Responsiveness to the Community
The ability to adapt one’s ministry to culture and needs of the target area residents.
7. Utilization of Other’s Giftedness
The ability to equip and release other people to minister on the basis
of their spiritual gifts.
8. Flexibility and Adaptability
The capacity to adjust to change and ambiguity, shifting priorities when
necessary, and handle multiple task s at the same time.
9. Builds Group Cohesiveness
One who enables the group to work collaboratively toward common
goals, and who skilfully manages disunifying elements.
10. Resilience
The ability to sustain emotional equilibrium in the midst of
setbacks, losses and failures.
11. Exercises Faith
The capacity to trust God boldly in the face of seemingly insurmountable
obstacles, believing Him to accomplish the humanly impossible.

CBOQ credentials or equivalent, or in the process;
Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary;
Excellent communication skills - oral and written;
Well developed computer skills;
Good time management skills

How to apply
Candidates interested in applying for this position of community pastor are asked to send a resume and covering letter to: In the cover letter, candidates are asked to detail their call to ministry and what about this role of planting a community church appeals to them. A brief description of your vision, steps and timeline for planting the community church is to be included with your application.
Candidates applying for this position are required to agree with the CBOQ core values and be willing to sign a covenant agreement which sets out a statement of ethical pastoral conduct.
First Baptist Church, Oshawa welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available upon request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

Other Information
Like most church plants, this position is largely a support raised position. FBC partners with great organizations which will assist with church planting. We are affiliated with the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ and the Trent Valley Association of Baptist Churches (TVA). Additional funds are available through grants from CBOQ and TVA.

IMPORTANT: The Leadership of FBC believes this will be a full-time salaried position in the future. We know God has the right person to place with us to help us grow FBC to its fullest potential in sharing the Good News of God’s Kingdom with youth and young families in Oshawa. The right person will be a huge asset to us in reaching this goal. Are you up for the challenge?

Posted: May 14, 2018 | Expires: August 12, 2018
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