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Youth/Young Adult Pastor

Youth/Young Adult Pastor

Company: Waverley Church
Contact Person: Tony Penner
2171 Waverley st.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Position Description

Youth/Young Adult Pastor

Waverley Church has a vision for reaching Youth and Young Adults with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and discipling them towards an intimate relationship with God. Waverley Church is positioned in a growing area of Winnipeg, where there is great opportunity to minister to Youth. We are located near a major University, which provides unique opportunities to minister to young adults.

We consider youth and young adults ministry to be a vital part of our calling to glorify God in all things. We are looking for the person God has called to help us fulfill this mandate in the power of Christ so that young people will be discipled, families will be strengthened, and that Waverley church will grow in a manner that honours God as He enables us.

The Youth/Young Adult’s Pastor is a full-time, 40 hour per week leadership role at Waverley Church. This position is designed to minister to youth/young adults from seventh grade through mid-twenties. In the case of youth it is also designed to support and minister to their families. The Youth/Young Adult Pastor will divide his time between the youth and the Young Adults ministries.

The person God calls to this ministry will be expected to have been baptized as a believer, to become a member of Waverley church and undergo police and background checks. The Youth/Young Adult’s Pastor will report directly to the Lead Pastor for the fulfillment of a mutually agreed upon set of strategic objectives.


• Must demonstrate presence and growth in the spiritual qualifications identified in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

• Fully supportive of our church vision statement based out of 2 Pet. 1:3 that read as follows: “Our most fulfilling life is found when Christ is most glorified in us”

• Be in full agreement with our church doctrinal statement (see our website at

• Fully supportive and willing to integrate our ministry goals into the youth and young adults ministries which are as follows: Prayer, Evangelism, Community care, Family care, Discipleship, Missions and Leadership development.

• Preference will be shown to candidates who have acquired a Bachelor’s or Masters degree in the field of Youth Ministry or other degree applicable to this position. Theological training will be considered an asset.

• The desired candidate will have at least three years of applicable church ministry experience.

• The qualified candidate will share theological beliefs that are compatible with a Reformed Baptist biblical understanding.

Spiritual Life

• Actively seeking a strong faith in Jesus Christ with an emphasis on knowing God deeply.

• Demonstrating Christ centred character that exhibits the fruit of the Spirit.

• A strong desire to maintain a life of integrity, humility and teachability.

• A strong emphasis on the authority and sufficiency of the Word of God with significant theological understanding.

• A focus that places prayer central in their ministry and personal life.

• An evangelistic mindset and a strong Gospel emphasis for unbelievers and believers alike.

• A desire for discipleship that leads to a sanctified life.

• A heart inclined towards community and caring for others in physical and spiritual need. 

Personal and Ministry Skills

• Have the ability to teach and develop and/or adapt biblical curriculum.

• Clearly demonstrate leadership gifting.

• Demonstrate the ability to connect with and engage youth on a highly relational and personal level.

• Ability to connect with parents for resourcing and encouragement.

• Recruitment and mentoring of volunteers that encourages participation and use of spiritual gifting.

• Ability to administrate and organize the various aspects of the Youth ministry.

• Demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly with youth and adults.

• Have the ability to vision for the future, implement clearly stated goals and maintain the ministry.

• A personal ambition, enthusiasm and energy for ministry to youth/young adults.

• Be able to work in a multi-staff environment with a cooperative team approach.

• Embraces the joys and challenges of working in a multi-ethnic church.

• Desires continued upgrading and education. 

Ministry Goals

• The implementation of a strong over-riding Philosophy of Youth and Young Adult’s Ministry designed around our church vision and goals.

• The development and oversight of healthy and growing Youth and Young Adult Leadership Teams.

• Build a Youth and Young Adult ministry that is gospel centered, not only in regards to reaching unbelievers, but to have the gospel be formational in the Christian life.

• Place a primary emphasis on establishing, building and maintaining strong relationships with youth, their families and young adults.

Key Areas of Responsibility

• Organization and implementation of regular youth/Young Adult group meetings.

• Planning and conducting events designed for Youth/Young adults for spiritual growth and evangelism.

• Forming, training, and mentoring adult volunteer teams who will provide assistance to the ministry.

• Initiate and implement strategies to include youth and young adults into the church community.

• Establish meaningful relationships with the youth, their families and young adults.

• Build youth and young adult ministries with a strong emphasis, and foundation on Biblical knowledge, and application.

If you believe God is calling you to apply for Waverley Church’s Youth/Young Adult’s Pastor position please provide the following documents to

• Cover letter

• Resume with references

• Personal testimony of saving faith

• Philosophy of Youth/Young Adult’s Ministry

• Personal doctrinal statement of Biblical beliefs

Posted: May 28, 2018 | Expires: August 26, 2018
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