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Day Camp Child and Youth Counsellor Lawrence Heights

Day Camp Child and Youth Counsellor Lawrence Heights

Company: The Scott Mission
Contact Person: Nana Abraham
1550 O'connor Drive
Toronto, Ontario , M4B2V3
Phone: 4169238872

Position Description

Lawrence Heights Summer Ministry

Part Time Staff

Job Summary

To attend to the health, safety and spiritual welfare of children in the Lawrence Heights Community from July to August.


Major Duties:

1. Staff are required to care for and supervise children during specific program times, connections and group trips outside the Lawrence Heights Community.  Attention will be given to children’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social needs.

2. Staff will be required to assume a great range of leadership roles in the implementation of the daily program. This includes organizing trips, small group activities and bible lessons.

3. Staff must demonstrate a keen interest in children and youth ministry. Our evangelism strategy requires staff who are able to share a vibrant Christian faith willingly to others.

4. Staff must be physically able to sustain consistent physical activities with children throughout the duration of the summer.  An overwhelming range of demands upon the staff implies the need for good self-governing in the use of hours off and regularly scheduled activities. The high incidence of behavioural and emotional problems among our clientele requires maturity, sensitivity, compassion and love in excessive amounts.

5. Staff are expected to regularly prepare and present creative bible lessons to children and youth. 


Qualifications and Requirements:

- Desire to build relationships with and care for the needs of children

-Able to positively influence, motivate and instruct children spiritually, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

 -A Positive approach to problem solving is a critical skill to teach and uphold.

- Experience working with individuals and groups of children of various ages and abilities.

- knowledge of child development stages and behaviour management techniques.

-Able to perform some spontaneous and individual programming.

-Able to sustain the physical demands of both indoor and outdoor children’s activities

- Conscientious in matters of personal ethics and lifestyle.

-Able to relate and work well with peers.

-We require absolute confidentiality regarding the children we interact with, as well as personal and professional integrity in matters of relationship, programs and work ethic.

-A staff person’s lifestyle must be consistent with Biblical standards and Christian values at all times.

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