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Youth/Young Adults Pastor

Youth/Young Adults Pastor

Company: Bethel Community Church
Contact Person: Edward Grant
430 Lakewood Blvd
Winnipeg, Manitoba , R2J 4B6
Phone: 204-800-1374

Position Description

BETHEL COMMUNITY CHURCH - love God, love people!


The function of the Youth Ministries Pastor is to pastor and lead the youth ministries of BCC with emphasis on 6th to 12th grades, and Young Adults. This also may include developing ministries that assist parents in their roles of raising godly youth. You will be responsible for strategizing, planning and implementing youth ministry programs that are in keeping with the church's overall vision to "love God and love others", helping them grow and serve in their abundant LIFE in Christ. The Youth Ministries Pastor will also be involved in recruiting, training, coaching, and managing a youth leadership ministry team.  

The Youth Ministries Pastor will also build a strong connection with Youth Adults, overseeing their Small Group Ministry teams and ensuring planned activities and events.  Also participate in Sunday Worship Services as needed/scheduled.



  • Provide leadership of junior and senior high youth and youth leadership team.  Ensure the youth ministry maintains a balanced program of spiritual, and social growth in a fun & enjoyable way.
  • Provide leadership of Young Adults Ministry. Build a ministry team & provide mentorship.  Ensure regular meetings/events are planned and followed through.
  • Provide youth Bible studies/small group studies and oversee weekly youth events.
  • Be acquainted with personal lives of the young people and be aware of current youth development and culture. 
  • Foster open communication with parents/guardians directly or through youth leadership team, social media, etc
  • Encourage and teach youth how to reach out to their friends and give opportunities for youth to invite friends and be involved in outreach.
  • Encourage and lead youth to be involved in church ministries.
  • Sunday Worship - connect with regular and new youth who attend Sunday Worship Services.  If possible sit in youth area during Worship Services and be available to pray with them during altar times or during worship if they need someone to pray with them.
  • Ensure proper care & respect of facilities when used by youth programs.    


- Lead a volunteer youth leadership team (usually young adults), mentoring them to help plan, lead & supervise youth activities, youth small groups, etc..

• Maintain effective leadership for each youth program. Provide support and assistance as required, but permit leaders to handle their assigned areas of responsibility.

• Provide formal (structured) and informal (by example) leadership training for the youth leadership team.

• Identify youth with leadership potential and ensure opportunities are given for development.

• Evaluate and make recommendations concerning teaching materials and methods used in all youth programs, small groups, etc.  Be open to suggestions & input of the youth leadership team. 


• Maintain a well-planned, carefully balanced program throughout the year coordinated with the church calendar of events.

- Pre-schedule all activities in their entirety. Keep an up-to-date calendar of youth events.

- Maintain a complete contact list of all youth, parents, young adults

• Communicate regularly with youth, parents & leadership teams through email, text, twitter (or whatever the preferred contact method is), providing details of weekly events, Bible studies, small group meetings, etc... 

• Provide information and encouragement to youth to come to all youth events and activities.

- Attend weekly staff meetings
- Submit an annual budget for youth ministry events/activities/retreats, etc. and anticipated/estimated costs

Apply for this position:

This is a full-time staff position.  We are looking for someone who is passionate about youth ministry and has a love, enthusiasm and energy to lead a vibrant, exciting ministry where youth and young adults can connect with God and each other.

Winnipeg is the 7th largest city in Canada, serving over 800,000 people in the metropolitan and surrounding areas. 

Send a cover letter and resume with references to: - initial interviews will be done online upon receipt of each resume.  




Posted: June 7, 2018 | Expires: July 31, 2018
Posted Under: Pastoral - Youth/Youth Worker
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