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Office Administrator

Office Administrator

Company: St Margaret in-the-Pines Anglican Church
Contact Person: The Reverend Karen Hatch
4130 Lawrence Avenue East
Scarborough, Ontario , M1E 2R8
Phone: 416-284-4121

Position Description

Ministry Position Title:                  Office Administrator

Supervision and Support:             Reports to the Incumbent (Church) &                                                                                                                    Reports to the Board of Trustees (Cemetery)

Purpose of the position:              

The Office Administrator will ensure the efficient administration of the parish office, assisting the Incumbent, Wardens, Trustees and other clergy, staff and volunteers in the administration of the parish and St. Margaret’s cemetery.   All activities associated with this position must be achieved in a manner consistent with the Parish Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives. 

Population(s) served:                   

Staff members, parish leaders, tradespeople, parishioners, the community, cemetery staff and clients

Duties & Responsibilities:


Responsible for the office budget, which has been approved by the Vestry, for all the necessary office administrative expenses
Back-up computer files for archival storage
Collect monthly rents
Post weekly parish givings on the bulletin
Prepare year to date contributions report for Treasurer
Prepare and code invoices for payment on a weekly basis
Work with auditors as required


Maintain a neat and welcoming parish office
Set and clear the answering machine, fax messages, voicemail and emails
Handle all incoming and outgoing mail, directing and/or opening and responding to mail as necessary
Transfer calls to the appropriate person on staff and/or respond as needed
Assist the incumbent and other staff and volunteers with typing, photocopying, mailing and other administrative needs such as appointments, filing, letters, cards calendars and newsletter
Book the facilities and respond to inquiries concerning cost and availability, prepare necessary documentation for the Diocese of Toronto on rentals
Maintain adequate inventory of regular and seasonal office supplies
Assist parish groups in the ordering of and receiving of materials


Type and reproduce the weekly Sunday worship bulletins and all special worship service bulletins as required, including uploading of the weekly bulletin and other information to the website
Update home page and news page of the website
Assist in the collection and typing of reports for the annual report and design and prepare the presentation for the annual vestry meeting
Inform the cleaner and/or others, who need to know, of all events and parish activities
Attend a variety of meetings as required
Inform the Incumbent and Wardens of all requests for events and parish activities;
Maintain and circulate an up-to-date parish list as requested by the Incumbent and/or Wardens;
Maintain and update the church’s website (along with the Incumbent and interested volunteers)
Keep accurate databases, electronic files and back-up the data;


Train volunteers in the use of appropriate office equipment and procedures
Ensure office is sufficiently covered during all absences
Assist parish volunteers with the creation and reproduction of the newsletter
Post bulletin board materials and keep the board neat and up to date
Act as vestry clerk for vestry meetings (on a Sunday)
Coordinate contractors with our property team whenever work is required
Ensure all office equipment is in working order and arrange appropriate service contracts;
Produce and administer schedule of room use;

Respond to inquiries for paid and unpaid room use;
Communicate contract requirements, insurance requirements and room use rules;
Ensure insurance documentation requirements are met for all tenants;

Special services


Coordinate candidates, prepare Certificate of Baptism and update register


Send out information to prospective Brides and Grooms
Co-ordinate scheduling, update Clergy, Chancel and Organist as necessary
Update bridal registry
Prepare bulletins as necessary


Prepare bulletins as necessary
Co-ordinate Clergy, Servers, Sides-people, Organist, Hospitality, and Chancel as necessary

Cemetery Specific:

Interacting with numerous clients
Developing and maintaining professional relationships with funeral homes, churches and related businesses
Responding to ownership issues regarding interment/disinterment
Ensuring compliance with regulatory issues relating to the Burial and Cremation Services Act and Government regulations
Performing a variety of Accounting functions
Working closely with the employees of the Cemetery Board
Handling the payroll of the cemetery staff

Skills/Knowledge required:

College Diploma in Business and /or Business Administration
3-5 years of work experience in administrative roles
Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access)
Experience with Accounting software (Quicken an asset)
Works well independently and shows initiative
Proven ability to maintain confidentiality
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to interact effectively with clients, volunteers and parishioners;
Word processing with typing skills at least 60 wpm, proficiency in spreadsheets.
Comfortable with simple accounting and bookkeeping tasks
Good organization and time management skills
Ability to organize, multi-task and manage time wisely
Experience in a volunteer environment an asset
Knowledge of the structures and procedures of the Anglican Church (an asset)
Highly organized and detail-oriented
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to interact effectively with clients, volunteers and community members
Working knowledge of and/or experience working in a death care industry (asset)

Limits of the position:     Ethics and Confidentiality

Because of the nature of the work, certain information must be held in strictest confidence.  Work will be conducted in accordance with all applicable laws and diocesan and parish policies particularly the Diocese of Toronto’s Sexual Misconduct and Screening Policies.  Failure to comply with these laws and policies, including the duty to act honestly, will constitute cause for termination.

Terms of work/service:  Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (35 hour work/week)  & two hours on one Sunday near the end of February.

Training provided:

“On-the-job” training
Diocesan Sexual Misconduct Policy training
Police Check required


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