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Youth/Sports Director

Youth/Sports Director

Company: Vineland Missionary Church
Contact Person: The Elders at Vineland Missionary Church
3874 Victoria Ave
Vineland, Ontario , L0R 2C0

Position Description

Job Summary:

The youth and sports ministries have been identifies as key ministries in our vision statement.  Our plan is to create a part time Youth/Sports Director position to support this vision plan with the goal of nurturing spiritual development in the youth, primarily through Vineland Missionary Church’s midweek program; and to establish a vibrant sports ministry.

Currently, the job will be 20 hours per week, with yearly assessments to see if the hours need to be adjusted based on the workload.


  1. To demonstrate personally, and practically, a Christianity that is relevant and real.
  2. To lead youth to a personal understanding and faith in Jesus Christ.
  3. To encourage youth to be involved, not onlookers, in the ministry of the church.
  4. To assist in the development of the future leaders for the church.
  5. To promote an evangelistic outreach to the youth of our community.

General Responsibilities:

  1. To lead our weekly youth program, and to support and encourage volunteers who help serve in the youth program, and to communicate regularly with parents of the youth.
  2. Establish and develop a weekly sports program.
  3. To oversee and support the leader of the JAM program.
  4. To assist and participate in the summer sports camp leadership team.
  5. To attend Vineland Missionary Church.
  6. Communicate regularly with the staff supervisor, fellow staff, and church congregation about the Youth and Sports ministries in order to inform and build excitement.
  7. Find ways to have the youth build connections to transition and participate in Sunday worship throughout the year (e.g. mentoring relationships in serving roles).
  8. Work in conjunction with the “Kids and Youth Ministry” vision steering team.
  9. Work in conjunction with the “Sports Ministry” vision steering team.
  10. Lead a team of youth ministry volunteers and a team of sports ministry volunteers by: recruiting, training, delegating, and organizing. And at regular intervals to conduct debriefs with the volunteers.


  1. Have a strong and visible faith in Jesus.
  2. Have a minimum of a Bachelors degree in youth and/or ministry or equivalent education, and minimum 2 years experience leading a youth or sports ministry (the experience could be in a volunteer capacity).
  3. Have strong organizational skills.
  4. To be self motivated.
  5. Be a positive staff team member. 

Other Responsibilities: 

  1. Attend regular staff meetings.
  2. Submit a monthly report to the Lead Pastor of activity, a schedule of events and teaching topics, and spiritual victories witnessed.
  3. Assist the Lead Pastor when necessary and possible.

As a congregation we intend to:

  1. Support the youth and sports ministry with the tools, budget, and materials needed to allow the ministry to grow and flourish.
  2. Provide an office.
  3. Provide a positive work environment. 
  4. Support the Youth/Sports Director with more hours as the ministry grows.
  5. Provide feedback and communication about the ministry and the Youth/Sports Director’s roll.

Preference will be given to applicants who are Canadian Citizens.

Posted: November 27, 2018 | Expires: April 25, 2019
Posted Under: Pastoral - Youth/Youth Worker
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