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GTA Strategy Coordinator Among Somali Muslims

GTA Strategy Coordinator Among Somali Muslims

Company: Global Gates Canada
Contact Person: Dr. Chris Carr
21 Perkins Drive
Brampton, Ontario , L7A3W2
Phone: 289-233-9837

Position Description

Organization Profile

Global Gates Canada's vision is to reach the ends of the earth through Canadian gateway cities, beginning with the GTA. The mission of Global Gates Canada is to see gospel transformation of the world’s most unevangelized people groups who have come to Canadian gateway cities, and through them reach their communities around the world. All of our workers partner with the Lord to raise their own prayer and financial support in order to serve with Global Gates Canada. A 10% administrative fee is received from all funds raised by Global Gates Canada workers, for organizational support and development. At this time, this ministry role is limited to applicants physically living in North America, preferably from Canada, though applicants from the USA also may be considered. 

Our Mission Plan

  • Raise the missions climate in Canadian gateway cities
  • Mobilize ministries
  • Minister in Jesus' name
  • Make multiplying disciples that plant multiplying churches
  • Launch disciple-making & church planting movements around the world

Our Distinctives

  1. Urban: the world is going urban while mission endeavors have largely remained rural. Missionaries often live in cities but focus their efforts in rural areas which they perceive to be more open to the gospel. However, over half of the world is already living in cities and this number will surpass 66 percent by 2050 (United Nations World Urbanization Prospects Report, 2014). Global Gates is focusing on what the world is becoming—an urban world!
  2. Diaspora: the world’s people are on the move. Globally, over 232 million people currently live away from their home country (United Nations, 2014), but the numbers are even larger when you add the children of immigrants, those who lived abroad and then returned home, and those who have internally migrated within their own countries. Global Gates is focusing on a new era of missions aimed at reaching a world already connected through global diaspora relationships.
  3. Unreached People Groups (UPGs): today, nearly 40 percent of the world’s peoples remain unreached by the gospel (Joshua Project, 2015). Nowhere is there a greater concentration of unreached peoples than in cities. Global Gates is focusing on the unreached in these cities who have been neglected or written off as too difficult to reach. We seek to start churches among peoples who do not have one. And when they do have a church, we want to help them multiply a movement of disciples and churches that will transform their community with the gospel.
  4. Gateway Cities: relationships flow back and forth through gateway cities to unreached peoples on the other side of the globe, making the world a smaller place. Modern immigrants symbolize a new era in pioneer missions—one in which today’s migration, transnationalism, globalization, and urbanization pose unprecedented opportunities to take the gospel to the ends of the earth through the gateways provided within our own cities.
  5. Discovering and Implementing Best Practices for Disciple-Making Movements: we are trusting the Lord to bring about disciple-making and church-planting movements among unreached peoples in and through gateway cities. Global Gates is committed to best practices that the Lord is using around the world, seeking His guidance in how best to adapt and implement these methods for reaching unreached peoples in global gateway cities.

Why Is A "Strategy Coordinator" Needed?

This is the location of the largest gathering of Somalis in Canada. There are no Somali-background Christian churches of any kind in the area. Workers are needed that exclusively focus on searching for people of peace and making disciples among Somalis. We are aware of approx. only twenty-five to thirty Somali following Jesus openly in GTA and there may be more secret believers among the Somali. There are about thirty non-Somali evangelical believers from eleven churches and some volunteers from mission organizations working among the Somali. Many temporary residency permits are being revoked in the United States among Somalis, and many of them are border-jumping into Canada; it's difficult to know exactly how many Somalis are here, though some dependable sources put the number somewhere around 80,000 & rising.


Somalis have a 10,000+ person-strong presence in the Etobicoke area (approximately 10 miles west-northwest of Toronto) centered between/along Dixon, Kipling, & Islington streets, Brampton, & other areas of the Greater Toronto Area (especially Ward 42---Scarborough Rouge River, & Ward 2---Etobicoke North). There are multiple Somali restaurants, cafes, halal markets, and mosques in Etobicoke & Scarborough. Gospel impact in Etobicoke & Brampton would ripple throughout the GTA Somali population and their connections worldwide. There are about 2500 total followers of Jesus in the country of Somalia itself out of a population of about 10 million.


Global Gates Canada offers customized training for our missionaries called Pathways to Success. Depending on the missionary’s prior experience, Pathways could involve building skills in language learning, ethnographic research, mobilizing and training partners, spiritual formation, evangelism and discipleship, church planting methodology, and leadership. To become an effective Strategy Coordinator, the missionary candidate may need to develop particular skills first. Global Gates Canada offers a one-week Strategy Coordinator training (currently presented in NYC) and ongoing coaching to assist missionaries in their task. The training & materials are provided for you at no charge, and you'll need to cover the costs of transportation to NYC, local lodging (inexpensive dorm-type lodging is available in the same building where the training is presented), and meals. 

Somali Communication Style and Interpersonal Relations

Two people of the same gender may stand close together when speaking, but two people of opposite genders stand apart. When two people of opposite genders are talking, they should speak in a polite, professional manner, and never touch. In general, Somalis are warm, generous, hospitable, and friendly. There is significant emotional/mental trauma among Somalis as well as depression & high rates of PTSD. It has been reported that The Canadian Center For Victims of Torture estimates half of its clientele is Somali. Mental illness rates are much higher per capita among the Somali of GTA, and it has been said that the autism rate is eighteen times higher per capita among the Somali of GTA. Familially, at least from the side of husbands/fathers, Somalis can be isolationist toward wives/children. There is very little in GTA among Somalis in the way of an indigenous social/safety net relationally. Though Somalis are very diverse in GTA clan-wise, they are highly divided and even ghettoized.

Job Description Summary

A Global Gates Canada Strategy Coordinator’s primary task is to develop and implement an aggressive strategy to reach a particular unreached people group, or affinity of unreached people groups, with the gospel of Jesus Christ---in this case, Somali Muslims. The Strategy Coordinator builds an ecosystem of prayer, ministry, evangelism, discipleship, church multiplication, and leadership development that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, births a multiplication of disciples and churches throughout the prioritized people group and beyond.

Major Responsibilities and Functions

  • Become an expert on the Somali worldview. You must approach Somali with humility & transparency. They do not like being seen as a ‘project’. Somalis themselves are overall warm & hospitable, though many of the Somali imams here create barriers to contact with Christian influence. Community is HUGE for Somalis. Somalis are fiercely proud of their heritage & the women are especially communal. Somalis struggle with a sense of shame because of the war in their country, negative news about Somalis and Somalia, identification with prostitution, crime, corruption, the breakup of family structure, fracturing of marriages, polygamy, & substance abuse. Somalis are very perceptive & street-smart while also having a strong streak of being dissident. Imams here have unwittingly pushed young Somalis toward Jesus through negative comments about Christian faith/influence made that sucked them into a false sense of pride within Salafite & Wahabi Islam, creating a growing disaffection & hunger for something outside of Islam. Young Somalis are increasingly marrying outside their people group in order to escape---with most Somali followers of Jesus having no choice but to marry outside of the Somali people group due to the lower number of Jesus followers with which to connect. Some Somali play a zero-sum game toward other Somali who have become ‘successful’. Wisdom sayings from Somalis here include “we all like to climb the tree from the top-down”, “everyone’s a CEO”, “there are eight million presidents of Somalia”. There is a history of conflict between Somalis and Ethiopians, as well as with Eritreans. Turks and Chinese believers could be key in reaching Somalis with the good news of Jesus, due to those people groups’ presence/investments in Somalia.
  • Develop and/or obtain gospel resources (Bibles, audio Scripture, chronological Bible stories, testimonies, videos, etc.) in Somali language(s). Most Bible resources have to be imported, though a few are available through the Canadian Bible Society. An abundance of digital resources can be found at The ‘shepherd’ motif in the Old/New Testaments is powerful to Somalis and could help restore their former sense of dignity as a people group if they come to see Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Somalis love Jesus’ parables, especially the Prodigal Son.
  • Raise up laborers within the people group, and recruit laborers from outside of the Somali, to saturate the Somali with the gospel. Somalis who openly follow Jesus are often seen as traitors to Somali cultural identity. Getting non-Somali believers and churches from North America focusing consistently and long-term upon Somalis will be part of your strategic role that could be part of the key to unlocking the kingdom of Jesus to Somalis.
  • Nurture a vision for the spread of the gospel, multiplication of disciples, and planting of churches among the Somali in GTA and through them to other communities of Somalis around the world.
  • Create and implement a comprehensive prayer, ministry, evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and leadership development strategy to stimulate church multiplication movements among the Somali.
  • Continually learn and implement best practices in church multiplication.
  • Collaborate with other evangelicals to model and train in evangelism, disciple making, church planting, and leadership development.
  • As new Somali believers emerge, give primary attention to them to nurture their role in leading multiplying movements of Somali disciples and churches.
  • Evaluate and adapt methods based on what God has done and is doing.
  • Start multiple streams of disciple-making and church planting to reach all population segments and networks of Somalis within GTA and their communities worldwide.

Strategy Coordinator Characteristics

  • Missionary Qualifications - Must meet the general missionary qualifications required for Global Gates Canada missionaries.
  • Visionary - The Strategy Coordinator needs to envision what God desires for the people group in a particular gateway city and through the people group’s communities around the world.
  • Spiritually Mature - The Strategy Coordinator needs to be spiritually mature and committed to sound evangelical beliefs and practices. He or she must know and obey God’s Word and point others to the authority of God’s Word. The Strategy Coordinator must be a person of integrity. He or she is a person of prayer who expects God to demonstrate power in bringing the prioritized people group to Christ.
  • Strategic - The Strategy Coordinator needs to align tools, time, relationships, and resources, to accomplish God's vision for the people group. He or she is strategic in partnering with the larger Body of Christ to accomplish more than one can do alone or on a small team.
  • Intentional, focused, and disciplined - The Strategy Coordinator needs to be a self-starter who is able to avoid distractions to maximize evangelism, discipleship and church multiplication among the prioritized people group. The Strategy Coordinator must discern what is most fruitful to do with his or her time, and with whom that time should be spent.
  • A Learner - The Strategy Coordinator must be a lifelong learner committed to learning and sharing best practices for Kingdom advance among his or her people group.
  • Passionate - The Strategy Coordinator must have a sense of urgency. Members of the unreached people group are lost and dying every day without Jesus Christ.
  • Faith-Filled Perseverance – The Strategy Coordinator has faith that God will reach the prioritized people group. When obstacles arise, the Strategy Coordinator tenaciously perseveres, clinging to the vision of the Lord birthing a church planting movement among the people group.

Statement of Faith: What We Believe

Global Gates Network of Canada agrees with the statement of faith adopted by the Lausanne Covenant.

Core Values

Global Gates Network of Canada seeks to reproduce disciples and churches among unreached and least-reached peoples. As a result, we will consistently focus our efforts on sharing the gospel with unreached and least-reached peoples in a way that they can understand and we will promote indigenous leadership, ministries, and churches to be birthed out of our organization. Some of our core values include: 

  1. Believing and trusting in God to accomplish what He desires (Is 55:10-11, Matt 6:33-34)
  2. Focusing ministry on unreached and least-reached peoples (Rom 15:20, Matt 28:19-20, Matt 24:14, Rev 7:9-10)
  3. Proclaiming the gospel in ways that it can be heard, understood, and received in one’s own cultural context (1 Cor 9:19-23)
  4. Doing good in the name of Jesus to all people (Gal 6:9-10)
  5. Starting reproducible churches (Gen 1:28, Matt 16:18, 2 Tim 2:2, Matt 24:14)
  6. Equipping churches and Christians to work among the unreached and least-reached (Eph 4:11-12)
  7. Creating synergy in ministry by partnering with like-minded organizations and people (Eph 4:1-16, 1 Cor 12:12-30, Rom 12:3-8)
  8. Allowing Christ to transform our worldview (Rom 12:1-2, Col 1:13)
  9. Following the teachings of the Bible, so as to bear fruit as followers of Christ (1 Tim 3:16; Gal 5:22-26)
  10. Practicing obedience-based discipleship (Matt 7:21; Luke 6:46)

For more information please contact :

Dr. Chris/Eileen Carr | or

Directors of Global Gates Network of Canada

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