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Pastor of Education

Pastor of Education

Company: Fellowship Christian Reformed Church
Contact Person: Monica Macgregor
PO Box 699, 204 Main St
Brighton, Ontario , K0K 1H0
Phone: 6134753401

Position Description

Fellowship CRC in Brighton, ON is seeking a full time Pastor of Education to lead the educational ministries of our church with a special focus on the younger generation.  

Job Overview

The Pastor of Education (PoE) is tasked with cultivating an environment where children through adults will flourish in their faith. To successfully cultivate this environment the PoE will be responsible for the oversight, and integration of the various educational ministries of Fellowship CRC. This will require an ability to identify, equip, empower, and encourage the lay leaders for the work of ministry. The PoE will also encourage collaboration between educational ministries of Fellowship CRC, identifying overarching needs and opportunities at Fellowship, working with lay leaders to respond effectively to these opportunities. As a person of primary contact with the educational ministry of the church, the PoE is expected to take primary leadership of the high-school ministry, working alongside of lay leaders. The PoE will encourage all of the educational ministries of Fellowship CRC to faithfully engage in the great commission.

Roles, Responsibilities and priorities

(These percentages are general averages and therefore fluid. They indicate weight of primary and secondary responsibilities, understanding that through the course of a year these numbers would change significantly as a result of the immediate tasks on hand.)

  1. (45%) Give direction and oversight to educational ministry from toddler to young adult
    1. Primary focus on youth group (15%)
    2. Equip / develop / encourage the leaders of education, Youth, Faith Instruction, GEMS, Cadets Sunday School, and nursery (15%)
      • Empower leaders to be creative in their leadership
      • Seek out and offer opportunities for specific leadership training
      • Support and protect leaders during difficult situations
      • Innovate and adapt educational opportunities to gain relevance to culture
      • Innovate relevant ways to connect with young adults
    3. Be a pastoral support to families with children (5%)
    4. Oversee summer community outreach (ie VBS or similar) (10%)
  2. (15%) Encourage and support the adult ministries of the church
  3. (25%) Leadership and leadership development
    1. Be responsible for primary oversight of all groups / ministries listed under “Pastor of Education” outlined in the governance chart (10%)
      • Facilitate communication between the education ministries of the church
    2. Raise up and train lay leadership to accomplish the tasks of faith education (10%)
    3. Be involved ecumenically in Brighton (5%)
  4. (10%) Be involved liturgically in public worship
  5. (5%) Professional Development

Expected to attend

  • Weekly
    • Sunday worship
    • Youth nights
  • Monthly
    • Education committee meetings
    • Youth Team meetings
  • QuarterlyCouncil meetings
  • By invitation as need/opportunities arise
    • Management team meetings
    • Relevant Classis Quinte meetings / gatherings / think tanks


  • Theological
    • A bachelors or Masters in theology
    • In agreement with the CRCNA covenant for office bearers
    • Ability to preach / lead worship
  • Team Skills
    • Able to work with staff, and lead teams of lay volunteers building consensus
    • Able to work well with committees, both submitting to, and leading.
    • Able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of perspectives
    • Able to engage, and have a good rapport with all age groups in the congregation
    • Able to connect with the broader ecumenical community of Brighton
    • Good conflict resolution skills
  • Character
    • Deep love of Christ and actively seeking the Holy Spirit’s direction through prayer and spiritual disciplines
    • A natural love for education
    • A self-starter
    • A person of demonstrated integrity
    • Not afraid to ask for help
    • Eager to learn and grow
  • Technical requirements
    • Valid Driver’s license and access to a motor vehicle
    • Reference check & Police Background check
    • Become a member of Brighton Fellowship CRC


  1. Accountability is to the management team to follow the vision set by Council
    1. Day to day implementation in cooperation with lead pastor
    2. Not expected to be a regular attender of management team meetings
  2. Attend regular staff meetings for planning, prayer, evaluation and fellowship
    1. Collaborate with other ministry leaders whenever possible aware of many ministry overlaps throughout the church
  3. Attend Council meetings
  4. Performance standards
    1. 1 year probationary period with a quarterly review by management team
    2. Annual review after first year
    3. Additional reviews may be conducted under special circumstances (eg: change of job description, follow up as a result of annual review)
Posted: December 5, 2018 | Expires: March 5, 2019
Posted Under: Ministry - General
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