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Pastor of Connection and Spiritual Growth

Pastor of Connection and Spiritual Growth

Company: Brant Community Church
Contact Person: David Ralph
69 Superior Street
Brantford, Ontario , N3S 2K5
Phone: 519-756-3993

Position Description

The Pastor of Connection and Spiritual Growth (PCSG) is responsible for overseeing the Care Group and Adult Ministries at BCC.  They will develop a strategy and implement a plan for an effective Care Group Ministry and will recruit and develop leaders.  They will be responsible for ensuring that all new people have every opportunity to get connected at BCC by overseeing a connection process.  The PCSG will teach and develop a team of teachers to facilitate the various courses at BCC, as well as the creation and design of new courses. They will uphold the core value and be the champion when it comes to serving at BCC.  They will also have responsibilities in the area of pastoral care.


Care Groups:

  • They will continue to evaluate the current Care Group ministry at BCC, make changes when needed from time to time and will further develop and clarify the vision for Care Groups.
  • They will develop and implement a Care Group strategy with key initiatives, goals and next steps so that strategy can be accomplished.
  • They will identify, train, equip and coach Care Group Leaders.
  • The will look for ways to increase congregational participation in Care Groups and will be the champion for this ministry at BCC.
  • They will approve all Care Group material and curriculum used in the various Care Groups at BCC.

Community Connection:

  • They will help new people to BCC to connect in genuine community through the design and implementation of an assimilation strategy including the monitoring of the effectiveness of this strategy.
  • They will champion the core value of serving at BCC and design and implement a process that helps people connect with areas of service related to their giftedness and abilities.

Adult Ministries and Courses:

  • They will oversee the Adult Ministries at BCC and will continue to develop and coach the leaders of these ministries.
  • They will build and oversee a team of teachers to teach a variety of the core courses at BCC, ensuring the courses are being taught on a regular basis.
  • They will review all existing courses from time to time, discerning when new courses need to be added or changed and old courses no longer need to be taught.
  • They will organize the system for people who wish to sign up for these courses.
  • They will evaluate, change and implement the Spiritual Growth Track at BCC being the key point person for all spiritual growth needs.
  • Oversee the leaders of Men’s, Women’s, Singles and Seniors ministries.

Pastoral Care:

  • In collaboration with the Lead Pastor they will provide pastoral care including hospital and home visitation and individual care and counselling.
  • Create and oversee a team of volunteer care givers to assist in pastoral care.
  • They will oversee the details regarding any funerals held at BCC in collaboration with the Lead Pastor.
  • Ensure that the Care Groups at BCC are the first line of pastoral care.
  • They will oversee the Prayer Ministry at BCC.

Other Duties:

  • They will prepare an annual budget for all of their ministry areas.
  • They will be assigned duties from time to time by the Lead Pastor.
  • They will provide insight and input as a member of the staff team at BCC.


  • They will be a fully participating member at BCC or working towards it.
  • They will fully support the vision and mission and values and direction of BCC.
  • They will be a growing follower of Jesus exhibiting qualities that are essential to a person of character and integrity.
  • They will have a passion for Care Groups and have actively been a participant in groups including the leadership of groups.
  • They will have the ability to teach in a small and large group setting.
  • They will have the ability to cast vision to those they lead.
  • They will have the ability to handle conflict in a biblical manner and will need to be a good problem solver.
  • They should have the spiritual gifts of leadership, teaching, administration and shepherding.
  • They will have strategic planning skills and be a creative innovative leader and a self-initiator.
  • The will add valued insight to the Staff Team.
  • They will have some technical proficiency especially in the use of a computer.
  • They will have ministry experience and strong biblical knowledge.
  • They will be a strong team player, have the ability to delegate and equip others to do ministry, be able to supervise and work with volunteers and shepherd and coach others.
  • They will be flexible and open minded to a wide variety of methodologies and strategies.
  • They will have strong oral and written communication skills.
  • They will have the required education and experience for this role.
  • They will have a heart for broken people and people far from God and will have the ability to relate and connect in a winsome way.

Reporting to:

The Lead Pastor

Posted: January 2, 2019 | Expires: March 2, 2019
Posted Under: Pastoral
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