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Assistant Pastor (Family, Outreach, Music)

Assistant Pastor (Family, Outreach, Music)

Company: Tillsonburg Alliance Church
Contact Person: Pastor Paul
270 Quartertown Line Rd
Tillsonburg, Ontario , N4G 4G8
Phone: 5198422301

Position Description


  • Passionate, white hot love for God
  • Demonstrated love for “others” however “others” might be personally defined for them…
  • Committed to the scriptures in practice and in preaching.
  • Committed to the Church (there is no “Plan B”)
  • Committed to Covenant community
  • Resilient… able to self-sustain


  • People oriented vs program oriented
  • Proven team player

Key Values

  • Intergenerational ministry
  • Discipleship and relational driven ministry
  • Raising up and releasing of Leaders
  • Creativity – Outside-the-Box Creative
  • Love people where they are and the ability to see where they can be…

Skill set

  • Administratively strong – needs to be able to delegate
  • Technologically strong – Ministry in the 21 century requires a good grasp of technology as a tool to build communities
  • Effective communicator – communication is going to be critical moving forward…
  • Musical ability

Personal Life/Journey/Experience

  • Healthy balance between ministry, family, recreation, etc.
  • Willing to commit long-term
  • Philosophically an equipper – someone who can call, disciple, build and release a team of Godly individuals.
  • Visionary – missional/evangelistic
  • Balanced biblically rooted knowledge


We’re looking for someone who will build something.  This is not the sort of position where you step into something ready-made it requires and entrepreneurial spirit… the ability to adjust and adapt quickly… sensitivity to know where God is moving and working and the willingness to jump in…  As a result the description itself and the allotments are guidelines only

Key Focus

  • Families (Youth)
  • Music
  • Outreach

Key Responsibilities:

This is a pastoral position which reports to the Lead Pastor

Families (Ministry to children, youth and their families)

Not sure really how to describe this but it’s “one-generation-to-another” ministry as opposed to “developing-a-ghetto” ministry

  • Help build a discipling culture especially among families with children and youth through the creation and implementation of a strategic and intentional plan that puts the generations together in a safe, faith filled and spiritual environment. The goal is that everyone is closer to Christ now than they were 12 months ago… and will be closer still in 12 months than they are today.
  • To be an advocate for families with children and youth both in the church and broader community.
  • To develop, raise, and release leaders to further our family ministries and impact in the community.  This includes but is not limited to the development of a youth ministry leadership team that includes parents and youth.
  • Recruit and train volunteers, ensuring that adequate volunteer support and youth/children to adult rations are maintained
  • Develop effective communication strategies to ensure timely and effective communication with staff, leadership, parents, youth, the congregation and community.

TAC Family (Ministry to and in the church family – Music, Media, etc)

  • Regular visibility on Sundays including music, preaching and other opportunities based on gifting.
  • Provide support and leadership to Music and Media Ministry

Service (Ministry to and in the broader community)

  • Lead church family in annual multi-generational, cross-cultural service opportunity.
  • Develop and lead 3-4 opportunities throughout the year to inspire and encourage local service

General Allotment of Hours

This is only a framework intended as a starting point.  We anticipate that as we partner together in service responsibilities will be tweaked to reflect gifts, passions, training, etc.  Further, it is acknowledged that seasons of church life necessitate fluidity.

  • Youth Ministry (Families) – (approximately 50%)
    • Since we live in a community without a post sec institution a key part of the ministry has to be focussed on helping families (parents and youth) prepare to transition from a sheltered life of faith ‘at home’ to an ‘owned’ self-sustaining life of faith.  Includes:
      • time spent focussed on the relational aspects of ministry. Mentoring, discipleship, one-on-one, etc.
      • working with leaders (adult and youth leaders)
      • time spent in the actual events
  • Music & Media Ministry – (approximately 20%)
    • Practices and some mentoring
    • Using media to engage our family and the broader community
  • Service Experience – (approximately 25%)
    • The goal is to have every person who is part of the Tillsonburg Alliance Church family involved in:
      • at least one corporate, multi-generational, cross-cultural service event each year.
      • at least two local community service opportunity
  • Preaching & Teaching approximately 6Xs a year
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