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Head Director

Head Director

Company: Chapel Place Presbyterian Church
Contact Person: Richard Louka
8 Chapel Place
Markham, Ontario , L3R 9C4
Phone: 4163173425

Position Description

Ashton Meadows Sports Camp is a Ministry of Chapel Place Presbyterian Church (CPPC). CPPC is an evangelical church located in Markham Ontario. A growing, dynamic and loving Church, seeking to reach people with the love of God and Christ, to worship Him in spirit and truth, and to serve Him in the world, by developing generations that live the life of faith and the values and teachings of the Holy Bible.

CPPC needs a Head Director for its 2019 summer day sports camp, known as Ashton Meadows Sports Camp (AMSC).  AMSC will run for 4 weeks on weekdays starting Monday July 8, 2019 until Friday August 2, 2019. Staff will attend 2 weeks of preparation, training and prayer (pre-camp weeks). Staff will also attend various weekend activities including fundraising, team building outings, cleanup. The head director is also expected to commit 4-6 hours weekly starting mid-March to prepare for camp including hiring staff, budgeting and fund raising among other duties as directed. The Head Director is also expected to stay on a part time basis for a minimum of 2 weeks after the end of camp for closure of all administrative tasks and camp reunion. During the pre-camp and camp (6 weeks in total), the head director will work a minimum of 35hrs/week.


To direct and oversee all aspects of the AMSC

Responsible/Accountable to

English Ministry Director and Camp Committee


Candidates for the Camp Head Director position will:

  1. Have excellent problem-solving skills;
  2. Be a strong leader able to teach others about leadership
  3. Able to provide constructive coaching and to recognize and commend good behaviors.
  4. Have a high capacity to thrive in a complex and demanding ministry environment;
  5. Combine an attention for administrative detail with an understanding of organizational systems, work flow, events, and activities;
  6. Be above moral reproach, showing Christ in attitude and lifestyle;
  7. Have a personal relationship with and commitment to Jesus Christ, and a passion to serve Him;
  8. Ability to engage and relate with church members, families, parents, youth and children, as well as the community at large;
  9. Have a passion and vision for Chapel Place and the Sports Camp;
  10. Have excellent administrative and organizational skills;
  11. Have good computer skills, knowledge in excel an asset

Key Areas of Responsibilities

  1. Camp Programs
    1. Camp: To oversee all aspects of the camp program (Biblical content and spiritual tone, activities, health & safety, fundraising, Family BBQ, camp rules and regulations)
    2. Staff Training and Team Meetings
    3. Camp Reunion (Usually within first two weeks of September)
  2. Staff Oversight
    1. Camp Staff
      1. Hiring: Overseeing the Hiring Process (interviews, applications, job descriptions, staff contracts)
      2. Admin team (Administrator, Assistant Director and L.I.T Director)
      3. Program Directors
    2. Training:
      1. To personally train the Directors
      2. To oversee the training of the Leaders
      3. Primary Resource: Ashton Meadows Sports Camp Manual
    3. Evaluation: To assist the staff in setting goals, and to provide ongoing encouragement to the staff. To evaluate the staff in a multitude of areas as to do with camp and leadership.
  3. Pastor: To oversee the pastoral care to the campers and their families, the L.I.T’s and staff, as well as others connected to the Chapel Place Ministry, and to discuss pastoral care needs with English Ministry Directors.
  4. Administration:
    1. To apply for Canada Summer Jobs Grant and follow up with the agency until the grant is received by the church.
    2. To work with Administrator to oversee budgets & expenses: Following the approved budget for the current year and to provide financial updates to the camp committee
    3. Camper Fees: To oversee the collection of camper fees, camper scholarships, bank deposits and issuing of receipts and to aid CMC in the input into the Database
    4. Database & Web Updates: To ensure the maintenance of updated records in the Camp Database for campers, LITs and Staff (Volunteer and Salaried) and communicate what needs to be updated on the web page.
    5. Staff Manual: To update Camp Manual in preparation for the new season.
    6. Correspondence (Emails & mail-outs): Ensure proper information is getting to parents.
      1. Camper Mail-outs: Spring mail-out (Brochure), Summer mail out (What to Bring List & Rules), Fall mail-out (camp slideshow, receipts, camp reunion reminder)
      2. LIT Mail outs: Spring mail out (camp brochure, application, contract, etc), Fall mail-out (camp reunion reminder, camp slideshow, gift & thank-you card)
      3. Staff Mail outs: Spring mail-out (camp brochure, application, contract, etc), Fall mail-out (camp reunion reminder, camp slideshow)
    7. Post-Camp:
      1. Clean-up, etc. after camp
      2. Making camper and staff slideshows depicting the events of camp
      3. Overseeing closure of all administrative tasks, including the overall camp budget
  5. Liaison & Resource Person: To be a liaison and resource person, on behalf of the Ashton Meadows Sports Camp Ministry and committee, to the campers and their families, L.I.T’s, Staff, Chapel Place congregation, neighborhood and wider camp  community.

Experience Requirements

  1. Post-Secondary Degree in a field related to youth and/or camp, or near completion is an asset, however, consideration will be given to those with other post-secondary degrees.
  2. At least 3 years of involvement with camps or youth ministries
  3. Experience in jobs requiring strong customer service skills a plus
  4. Familiarity with Chapel Place or Ashton Meadows Sports Camp an asset, but not required
  5. Agreement with and adherence to Chapel Place’s Lifestyle and Morality
  6. A current clear Police records check


Please email resumes to For further questions please do so by email. The deadline for resumes is February 8th, 2019.

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