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Research Coordinator

Research Coordinator

Company: MoveIn Vision Team
Contact Person: Lisa McClung
3003 Danforth Ave, PO Box 93582
Toronto, Ontario , M4C 5R4
Phone: 6478954146

Position Description


To see the church present and making reproducing disciples in unreached, urban poor communities globally.


To see thousands of Christians prayerfully moving in among the unreached, urban poor.

Five Distinctives

  • Prayer - Prayer is our primary commitment. Each team prays together weekly.
  • Presence - We move right into the patch and are present in the lives of our neighbours. We desire more of God’s presence among us and in our communities.
  • The unreached, urban poor - We only move into high-density city “patches” among people who are poor and have never heard the gospel.
  • Teams of Regular People - We are regular people, not professional ministers. We have jobs or are students. We are accountable to regular churches and move in as teams made up of two or more individuals, couples or families.
  • Making reproducing disciples - We make reproducing disciples. When neighbours come to Christ, we integrate them into existing local churches or help see them discipled in church plants.

Specific Qualifications:

  • Christian Faith: Have a solid and vibrant Christian faith
  • Church Involvement: A positive relationship with a recognized church and regular attendance
  • Ministry Experience: Have a solid background and understanding of Christian ministry (3-5 years)
  • Mission Agreement: Compliance with MoveIn's theological and mission statements
  • Education: Relevant University or College Education
  • Is flexible in a team environment and is a team player
  • Able to work independently and strongly self-motivated
  • Superb command of the English language (both written and oral)
  • Affinity for working in a small-sized non-profit, charitable environment
  • Willingness to move in to a low-income, unreached, urban community

Job Details

  • Find qualifying patches that fit our focus on poor, unreached and high-density. This includes fielding patch suggestions from the public and dialoging with them in the process of determining qualification.
  • Researching potential patches using online sources, including statistics, to determine such factors as poverty levels.
  • Write informative profiles about patches for potential MoveIners.
  • Upload these profiles to the database and website
  • Managing our Google Maps patch listing
  • Give leadership and advice to regional areas on the areas of patch development

Job Type:

Full-time or Part-time.


$16.00 /hour.  All staff positions are on a support raised salary where the individual will raise 100% of their support.

Posted: February 4, 2019 | Expires: June 1, 2019
Posted Under: Administration
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