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Mathematics and Chemistry Teacher

Mathematics and Chemistry Teacher

Company: Canaan Global Aademy
Contact Person: Mrs. Lynne Chan
32 Kern Road
North York, Ontario , M3B 1T1
Phone: 6473586160

Position Description

Job Type: Part-time

Canaan Global Academy is a Christian Private School that provides OSSD credit courses from Grades 9-12, after school programs, English proficiency training and leadership skills.

We are looking for a committed Teacher who is passionate about teaching and working with learners from diverse backgrounds. As a small starting school, candidates who can teach more than one subject is preferred and we are currently looking for a Chemistry and Maths teacher.

The ideal candidate must be passionate about teaching and has an ability to connect with students and create a relationship of mutual trust and support, know how to organize a class and make learning an easy and meaningful process.


  • Provides individualized instruction via effective and interactive learning
  • Plans and conducts lessons in a comprehensive manner using multimedia tools and interactive strategies to facilitate learning.
  • Maintain an environment conducive to learning
  • Create, distribute, document educational content in an organized format
  • Assess and record student progress with continuous feedback and grades.
  • Collaborate with other staff, students and parents to enhance the achievement of school goals.
  • Observe, record and assist students in their behavior and be a role model for their development. Report any suspicions of neglect, abuse etc.
  • Engage in continuous self and professional development and be familiar with teaching best practices and legal educational guidelines.
  • Respect and adhere to school policies


  • Develop the curriculum and course outline for the course,
  • Prepare and deliver instructional activities according to the curriculum that facilitate active learning experiences
  • Develop and implement unit and lesson plans.
  • Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities.
  • Provide resources to assist student learning.
  • Apply appropriate disciplinary measures where necessary.
  • Perform pastoral duties such as emotional support, counseling and spiritual support.
  • Participate in extracurricular activities,
  • Participate in school meetings and parent meetings
  • To teach students in the specialized subject area,
  • Assign and grade class work, homework, tests and assignments
  • Encourage and monitor the progress of individual students


  • OCT certification preferred
  • Aptitude for teaching students the understanding of Upper levels of mathematical concepts
  • experience in teaching Mathematics courses in the Ontario Secondary School Curriculum such as (MPM2D / MCR3U / MCF3M / MCV4U / MHF4U / MDM4U),
  • experience in teaching Science and Chemistry in the Ontario Secondary School Curriculum for all grade levels (e.g. SNC1D, SNC2D, SBI3U, SBI4U, SCH3U, SCH4U)
  • Minimum of 3 years experience in teaching Mathematics.
  • Minimum of 2 years experience in teaching Science and Chemistry.
Posted: February 25, 2019 | Expires: May 26, 2019
Posted Under: Education
Career ID: [ 6462 ]