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Full-time Teacher

Full-time Teacher

Company: GetMore Study Canada
Contact Person: Wendy
Kuiqi Road East Extension Line, Sanshan New Town, Guicheng, Nanhai
Foshan, Outside Canada/International , NA

Position Description

Teach abroad – qualified full-time Canadian certified teachers wanted in China.

Location - Foshan, China

Job Vacancies

  • 1 English Teacher (major in English Language or Literature)
  • 1 Geography Teacher (major in Geography)
  • 1 Global Perspective Teach (major in Sociology, History, Political Science or Cultural)
  • 1 Math Teacher (major in Mathematics)
  • 1 Physics Teacher (major in Physics)

*Please submit your resume and cover letter with certificates of OCT/TESL*

MBCIS is seeking well-qualified and energetic teachers to join their team for September 2019. Experience with ELL students and with the new BC curriculum will be an asset.  Please indicate what skills you would bring to the school’s extra-curricular activities and what other subjects you are qualified to teach.

Job Description

  • Answer students’ questions; Help students improve their results;
  • Assess and identify students’ individual learning needs;
  • Assign and correct homework;
  • Evaluate and review the progress of students and discuss progress results with students and parents;
  • Inspire students to learn, possess an engaging and interactive teaching style;
  • Maintain frequent and effective communication with students, parents, and administration staff;
  • Teach British Columbia Secondary School Curriculum;
  • Teach students using lessons, discussions, audio-visual presentations.

Desired Qualifications and Experience

  • Able to help students with diverse educational backgrounds and learning abilities;
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from a recognized in relevant subject areas;
  • Must be a native English language speaker
  • Be familiar with the Ministry of Education Curriculum and Growing Success;
  • Be familiar with the Ontario / British Columbia Grade 9 – 12 curriculum;
  • Have experience teaching ESL students;
  • Have worked in a school environment (teaching position or practicum experience);
  • Innovative curriculum delivery;
  • Must be enthusiastic, flexible, friendly, approachable, patient and reliable;
  • Ontario Certified Teacher (may consider candidates with only Bachelor or Master’s degree or TESL certification);
  • Responsible and passionate about teaching.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Annual Salary: CAD 50,000 to CAD 65,000 (before tax);
  • Health insurance provided;
  • Assistance in obtaining and renewing work visa every year;
  • Paid summer & winter vacations and all Chinese holidays;
  • Free on-campus modern apartment with all necessary furniture;
  • An allowance of RMB 2,200 plus local transport will be available if not staying in dormitory;
  • Meals will be provided including breakfast, lunch and dinner at school canteen;
  • Free return tickets to your home country which is 9500RMB per academic year;
  • Free local field trips.

School Description

Majestic International College is a BC Offshore private school located in the City of Foshan, Guangdong Province, China. The school covers an area of 40,000 square meters. Designed and constructed based on standards of international school, the campus is well-equipped with top-notch teaching facilities, including library, teaching building, science building, arts building, academic lecture hall, music rooms, dance rooms, piano studios, gymnasium, heated swimming pool, tennis courts, football field and basketball courts, etc. The 300-square-meter café and the 2,000-square-meter large-scale dining hall offer favorable service for teachers and students. The college also provides 300 four-bed rooms for students and 60 teacher apartments with furniture and electronic appliances.

The school offers Canadian British Columbia (BC) Dogwood courses, American Advanced Placement (AP) courses, British A-Level courses and IGCSE Standard Curriculum from Grade 7 to 12. We are currently looking for qualified full-time Canadian teachers with professional skills and relevant credentials. It opened in September 2017 and will graduate its first students in June 2020.

A little about Foshan City

Foshan City is a prosperous hub in Guangdong Province. The sub-tropical climate endows the area with abundant trees, year-round flowers and varied recreational opportunities.  The city has many parks and green spaces with convenient transportation links to other major centres.

*Please be advised that only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted*

Posted: March 3, 2019 | Expires: September 1, 2019
Posted Under: Education
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