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Lead Pastor

Lead Pastor

Company: Discovery Baptist Church
Contact Person: Mathew Krefting
55 Mitchner Dr.
Regina, Saskatchewan

Position Description

Primary Responsibilities

  • Exemplify a strong personal devotional life.
  • Lead in preaching and teaching the Word of God in a forthright and clear manner.
  • Administer and advocate the ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism
  • Be instrumental in initiating invitations to commitment and growth among all attendees
  • Equip the members and attendees for responsibility in discipleship
  • Provide oversight and counsel to leadership; identify and encourage new leadership candidates
  • Oversee the administration of communications and meetings
  • Provide guidance to the congregation in seeking goals and objectives for growth
  • Attend to those in need among the congregation through visitation, counseling and prayer


  • Seminary education, Bible college degree or some certification from a reputable source
  • A mature understanding of the pastoral role and have related experience in leadership
  • Must adhere to our denominational standards as outlined in the Baptist Faith and Message
  • Must provide references from both personal and professional sources


  • Humble and gentle but firm in adherence to biblical principles
  • Accepting of all persons regardless of lifestyle, understanding or ethnicity
  • Gifted in the areas of preaching and teaching
  • Motivated to see others grow and to challenge members to maturity
  • Willing to be flexible, relational and creative in the approach to ministry
  • Open, transparent and able to exemplify Godly behavior inside and outside the church
  • Able to mediate and resolve conflict

Church History & Background

Discovery was founded as a mission plant of the Southern Baptist convention in 1974. It was chartered in 1976 with 5 families, 2 of which either began or joined shortly thereafter and have been members to this day. Over the last 43 years, discovery has had 8 pastors with a membership roster fluctuating between 12 and 60+ members. Discovery has also nurtured 4 men who have gone on to full time ministry. Discovery is part of the Canadian National Baptist Conference which is headquartered in Cochrane Alberta and remains the Canadian division of the S.B.C. (Southern Baptist convention).

Present Day

Average attendance is presently between 30 and 50 regulars, 20 of which are declared members. Our attendees are comprised of a variety of ethnic and cultural origins, some of whom are recent immigrants. A large portion of the attendees have little or no church background or experience and have been reached through personal connections with existing members or attendees. Others have remained regular attendees after their first encounter with the congregation. Many of our attendees are active in support roles for activities, but not engaged in regular personal spiritual development. Discovery hosts two other congregations, one Messianic Fellowship and one Korean Baptist fellowship. Both congregations use our facilities at different times throughout the week. Discovery has been frequently described by newcomers as having a welcoming and loving family atmosphere.

Current Leadership

Our present team of leaders consists of 3 overseers (including our unpaid assistant Pastor), a minister of music, our church treasurer and related functional committees (educational, outreach and youth, and financial). We are currently being served by an interim pastor on loan from a local N.A.B. congregation with whom we maintain cooperative connections in the city.

Leadership Needs

We recognize the need for growth, increasing maturity and commitment from our present members and attendees will need to be a priority. We offer meaningful bible classes, a talented music ministry and have good engagement from most attendees in our social programs so there are many positive characteristics in place to build on for the next leader.  

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