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Sports and House Church Ministries Worker

Sports and House Church Ministries Worker

Company: Flow Ministries
Contact Person: Rev. Louis Leung
21 Saintsbury Road
Markham, Ontario , L6C 2H9
Phone: 416-230-1992

Position Description

About Flow Ministries & This Opportunity:

Our mission at Flow Ministries is to "share God’s love and enter life renewal together where we already live". We believe Good News is best demonstrated where people live their lives, and it is necessary to be out there to engage the majority of the population that are not willing to come into church buildings. Where we already live is defined as in homes, in recreational spaces, and in workplaces - thus Flow is divided into 3 major ministry areas: @Home, @Play, and @Work ministries.

This ministry worker position involves working with the lead pastor on a new initiative in downtown Toronto that crosses @Home and @Play ministries, to outreach to non-churched people who already come or will come to an existing sports ministry downtown, to bring them to a house church, while planting the house church and reaching the people in the neighbourhood.

Job Responsibilities:

This is a full-time paid position as ministry leader for a unique ministry in downtown Toronto:

  • Develop and lead efforts to share God’s love and enter life renewal together with some existing and some new sports groups (badminton, basketball, etc.) that Flow already has connections with
  • Eventually lead people from the sports ministry to Christ and integrate them into a house church
  • In parallel with the sports ministry, develop and lead a house church plant in a house downtown
  • Disciple people according to the Biblical process defined by Flow
  • Recruit and/or develop volunteers and teamwork to serve in the ministry area
  • Work as part of the overall staff team of Flow, sometimes getting involved in Flow’s plans that may cover multiple ministry areas
  • At Flow we minimize the admin overhead whenever possible, but there are still some minimal admin duties associated with leadership of a ministry area
  • Favorable housing arrangement may be available through Flow as part of the position

Contact Us:

For further details please contact Rev. Louis Leung through email at:

Posted: March 13, 2019 | Expires: June 11, 2019
Posted Under: Pastoral
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