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Lead Pastor

Lead Pastor

Company: Bethel Evangelical Missionary Church
Contact Person: Michael Rothfus
123 4 Ave. S
Three Hills, Alberta , T0M 2A0

Position Description

Bethel EM Church is prayerfully seeking a lead pastor. We are looking for a pastor gifted in relational ministry and has strong Biblical preaching and teaching; a shepherd/teacher. Also an individual that has visionary leadership , that can facilitate Bethel’s vision and lead the church to carry it out. We need a pastor that can equip leaders within the church, with a strong emphasis on discipleship. 

The Position


The Lead Pastor will work with the Church Board and Elders to provide biblically based teaching, shepherding and overall leadership to Bethel Church. 


The Lead Pastor candidate is recommended to the Church Board by the Search Committee, upon the approval of the Regional Minister. The Board will initiate a formal candidating process by recommending the candidate to the congregation. Upon receiving at least an 80% approval by the membership, the candidate will then be called by the Church Board to assume the position of Lead Pastor. The selection is ratified by the candidate’s formal, written acceptance of the position. 


The Lead Pastor shall be an active and supportive born again member of Bethel Church.

  • Shall be filled with the Holy Spirit and demonstrate strong Christian disciplines in all areas of life.
  • Shall be gifted in and committed to strong Biblical preaching.
  • Should be willing and able to lead, organize, encourage, teach others and have administrative skills.
  • Shall be in agreement with the EMCC Articles of Faith and Practice and be credentialed by the EMCC.
  • Be in agreement with the philosophy, direction and style of ministry of Bethel Church.
  • Possess a strong relational personality.
  • Is Reliable (faithful, available and teachable).


Accountable to the Congregation through the Church Board.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Provide spiritual leadership and direction to the congregation with a focus on developing leaders and discipleship
  • Model Christian character and practices within the church and community
  • Assume overall responsibility for Sunday morning Services
    • Ensuring Sunday morning Services are planned, and prepared for by all Ministry Teams
    • Be responsible for the preaching each Sunday morning, preaching at least 60% (possibly more often initially as we search for an associate pastor for the future) of the time
  • Work with the Church leadership in establishing Bethel Church’s vision, strategy and implementation towards the vision
  • Provide spiritual leadership and direction to all Pastoral and Administrative staff
    • Outlining of Job Descriptions approved by the Church Board
    • Providing direction towards roles, goals and development of Staff
    • Monitoring of Staff / Pastoral performance including annual reviews
  • Work closely with the Church Board Chairperson and serve as an advisory member of the Church Board
  • Work alongside the Elders Team Chairperson and meet with the Elders Team on a regular basis
  • Provide congregational care as needed (hospital, illness, visitation – on ‘as needed’ basis)
  • Be credentialed by the EMCC and participate as a full member of the EMCC. 
    • Promote and support national and regional EMCC initiatives and concerns.
  • Provide counselling – as gifted, needed and appropriate
  • Oversee and provide special services: such as weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc.
  • Be a positive representative for Bethel Church within the larger faith community in Three Hills (i.e. Ministerial)
  • Be actively involved in the un-churched community of Three Hills 


Compensation is negotiable within the salary range of Bethel Church, background and experience. 

Application Process

In order to help us get a more complete picture of you and your interest in the position at Bethel Church please provide the following: 

  • Current resume
  • Testimony
  • Philosophy of ministry
  • References – Please provide 5 references, including at least one board member/elder, a peer, a volunteer entrusted to your lead, and (if possible) a person who you have befriended who has yet to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (i.e. neighbour, friend, co-worker, etc.).  

Submit the resume and references to:

Michael Rothfus Search Committee Chairperson Box 1705, Three Hills, AB  T0M 2A0
Church Office: 403-443-7239
Michael 587-321-0401 (Email preferred)

Posted: May 5, 2019 | Expires: August 3, 2019
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