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Youth Pastor

Youth Pastor

Company: Riverwood Church Community
Contact Person: Human Resources
325 Talbot Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba , R2L 0P9
Phone: 2046683181

Position Description

The Youth Pastor will give primary leadership and pastoral oversight to those at Riverwood who are between the ages of 10 and 18 years old (jr. high and senior high students). It will be the task of the Youth Pastor to design and implement strategies and ministries that effectively fulfill our L3 Living strategy:

  • L1 - Lead students to living intimate with God.
  • L2 - Lead students to living in deeper community with others.
  • L3 - Lead students to living lives of influence and impact.


  • Discerning Vision
    • The Youth Pastor will seek God to discern and champion the spiritual vision for Riverwood’s students.
    • The Youth Pastor is responsible for prayerfully discerning the vision and direction that should guide Riverwood’s Student Ministries. This vision is then submitted to the Lead Pastor for discernment, ratification and affirmation. Oversee the effective communication of the vision, direction and progress to the leadership of Riverwood as well as to the entire church.
    • Ensure a regular strategic planning and goal process is in place and implement procedures to ensure alignment through the church with those plans and goals.
    • Lead in transitioning student ministries towards greater effectiveness and alignment with the church vision.
  • Teaching
    • The Youth Pastor is responsible to teach the word and develop spiritual content.
    • The Youth Pastor will champion the “Living Intimate with God” component of Riverwood by developing the program and teaching schedule, content and message.
    • Ensure that all teaching is biblically based and biblically sound.
    • Develop each series with a broader range of complimentary components such as devotionals, blogs, study sheets, videos, games, parallel small group curriculum, etc. to enhance spiritual renewal.
  • ​Discipleship + Programming
    • Ensure that safety and good communication is maintained as it pertains to all programs.
    • Lead the students at Riverwood to grow holistically (spiritually, relationally, emotionally, psychologically, and physically).
    • Ensure that the following three spiritual priorities for the congregation remain central to the church: L1 – Living Intimate with God, L2 – Living in Deep Community and L3 – Living Lives of Influence.
    • Ensure that Riverwood does not lose its evangelistic and “serving-the-poor” edge by cultivating local outreach initiatives.
  • ​Pastoral Care + Shepherding
    • The Youth Pastor will provide pastoral care in major crises that happen to people connected with Riverwood’s student ministries, both students and parents.
    • Shepherd, guide and provide spiritual counsel to the Jr. high and senior high students of Riverwood when required.
  • ​Oversee Ministry Staff
    • Develop and manage volunteers by taking time to inspire, consult and resource them to ensure spiritual vibrancy and ministry effectiveness.
    • Lead volunteers in the initiation and implementation of new ministry strategies.


  • Post-secondary education is an asset.
  • 3 to 5 years of experience ministering to youth and shepherding youth ministry volunteers.
  • Strong ability to lead people of varying socio-economic levels, and generations.

How to apply

Our current employment opportunities are listed on our website ( Please review the job description and complete the application. To fill out the application, download the pdf document, fill out the fillable form, save as "Your Name - Youth Pastor" and email to along with your current resumé.

Posted: June 14, 2019 | Expires: September 12, 2019
Posted Under: Pastoral - Youth/Youth Worker
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