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Cuisine & Cultural Immersion Engager

Cuisine & Cultural Immersion Engager

Company: Global Gates Canada
Contact Person: Dr. Chris Carr
21 Perkins Drive
Brampton, Ontario , L7A3W2

Position Description

Pursue this role on our team only if you are open to raising your needed monthly financial support (we can help you learn how to do this), which all of our Global Gates Canada workers do. A 10% administrative fee is received from all raised funds, in order to undergird the work of the entire mission organization. At this time, this ministry role is limited to applicants physically living in North America, preferably from Canada, though applicants from the USA also may be considered

Join us in GTA as we seek to facilitate disciple-making/church planting movements among Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Jewish, int'l student, agnostic, and atheist people groups! Join a team that is working strategically to plant the gospel among unreached people groups. You will be mentored by an experienced missionary as part of your internship. You must be a self-starting, self-motivated person!

Do you like international foods such as Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Thai, Somali, Arabic, Chinese, Tibetan, Nepali, Vietnamese, Hindu/Sikh (vegetarian), Buddhist and many others? You and your partner will survey such restaurants in Brampton, Mississauga, and western Toronto searching for “proclamation-friendly” restaurants/cafes. “Proclamation-friendly” refers to restaurants with relaxed atmospheres conducive for talking with fellow customers and employees. Create a blog featuring each restaurant’s food and atmosphere, highlighting the positives, thus bragging on the business and bringing in additional customers. Use the blog as your platform with restaurant managers and for interviewing customers. Promote your blog to local churches with the goal of mobilizing their church members to eat at “Proclamation-friendly” restaurants for the purpose of sharing the Gospel. Host volunteer teams and guide them to your restaurants to not only experience worldview immersion via cuisine, but also to do intentional street-level demographic research and engage people with the gospel by caring, sharing, and praying for them on the spot.

When Needed: ASAP

Length of Assignment: Summers, or 1-2 semesters

Financial Details (in Canadian dollars):

  • Housing: $500/month (for a single person sharing an apartment with other singles; a    family would be more; sharing an apartment with a Move-In worker would be an option)
  • Transportation: $150-$200/month (unlimited transport passes)
  • Food/Misc.: $800/month
  • Blogsite: $50-$100/mth

Total $1500-1600/month (approx.)


You may bring your own car (subject to border rules if coming from USA), but you will more than likely utilize public transportation & Uber/Lyft taxis the majority of the time.

Health Considerations

You will be doing a lot of walking, so you must be in good physical shape & have good walking shoes.

Weather considerations

Winters in GTA can reach -20 F. Since the nature of the assignment constantly requires eating restaurant food, vaccinations against diseases related to food intake are required. Spicy food, which is in abundance especially in South Asian cafes/restaurants, may not sit well with weak stomachs.

General Information

The Greater Toronto Area is the most ethnically diverse city in North America. People are moving to the city in droves (108,000 on average annually)! More than 60% of the population is 1st and 2nd generation immigrants, with more than 50% of the households speaking a language other than English at home! There are over 4 million people from unreached people groups in the GTA, with very few people trying to reach them with the gospel. We have a great opportunity to share Christ with them. Truly, representatives of the nations are coming to us! Global Gates Canada team members will train and guide you through your assignment. Meet at least once a week with Global Gates Canada team members. Your assignment provides one of many bridges for local churches to interact with the many unreached peoples in GTA. At the completion of your internship, your blog will continue serving as a key resource for Global Gates Canada team members who interact with local churches on a regular basis.

Our strategy

Our ministry exists to see an ever-expanding network of churches being planted among unreached people groups in GTA. We accomplish this by facilitating training for discipling & church planting movements among near-culture Christians, raising prayer efforts for GTA, and modeling evangelism among unreached groups (UPGs). Global Gates Canada is quite mobile, agile, decentralized, and organic in nature. Church should happen wherever life happens, and no one should have to leave life in order to 'go to church'. 

Job Description

  • Share the gospel regularly (training provided) with Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Jews, agnostics, and practical/hardcore atheists
  • Assist with follow-up of interested people
  • Point fellow GTA believers to the eating establishments you visit & about which you blog, so as to build relational bridges and foot traffic in an effort to connect with owners & regular diners
  • Participate in multiplicative disciple-making of new believers
  • Handle administrative or media assignments (blog, website, social media posts, etc) in-line with skills

Useful skills

  • Understanding of tools such as 3 Circles, 411, Any 3 etc., as methods of sharing gospel
  • Understanding of T4T (Training Faithful Trainers)
  • Understanding of the 4-Fields conceptual framework for holistic ministry approach/philosophy
Posted: June 21, 2019 | Expires: December 21, 2019
Posted Under: International/Missions
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