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Pastor of Youth & Young Adults

Pastor of Youth & Young Adults

Company: WEFC
Contact Person: Mark Grafe
500 Lagimodiere Blvd
Winnipeg, Manitoba , R2J 4J1
Phone: 204-254-8464

Position Description

The Pastor of Youth and Young Adults is responsible for the direction and oversight of the Youth and Young Adults Ministry within the Winnipeg Evangelical Free Church (WEFC). This includes the development and implementation of programming for the spiritual formation and maturation of youth and young adults, as well as equipping parents to fulfill their calling as spiritual leaders of, and Christian examples to, their youth and young adults.

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Main responsibilities in the area of Youth and Young Adult Ministry (80%)
    • Provide leadership, direction, training and oversight of the entire Youth and Young Adults Ministry.
    • Be responsible for partnering with others for the spiritual, social and mental development and well-being of young people connected to youth and young adults ministry by providing pastoral care, programs, activities, individual and family support, and by referring to professional counselors where necessary.
      • Be responsible for coordinating, recruiting, training and holding accountable a team of mentors to be engaged in the role of discipleship within the ministry.
      • Teach biblically based messages and create environments, activities and programming that will facilitate learning, discussion, community, and fun during the weekly evening and Sunday morning Programs and will encourage spiritual growth.
      • Lead the youth and young adults on short term mission experiences.
      • Gather feedback from people invested in the ministry (young people, parents, adult mentors) regarding the effectiveness, development and direction of the ministry.
      • Keep current with best practices and resources that support Youth and Young Adult Ministries as well as with the trends and issues relevant to young people, through participation in ongoing spiritual and professional development.
      • Be responsible for creating a family friendly ministry that partners with parents in the development and growth of their youth and young adults. This would involve, but not be limited to,communication, home visitation and prayer ministry.
      • Recruit and oversee all ministry volunteers and part-time staff, providing leadership, training, and appreciation.
      • Recruit, encourage and develop new volunteers for the youth and young adults ministry.
      • Develop new programs and missional opportunities  to reach out to and engage the youth and young adults of the congregation and community.
      • Work with the Lead Pastor and other pastoral staff as an integrated team to effectively live out the WEFC ministry vision and to avoid ministry “silos”.
      • The ability to preach during Sunday morning services is desirable.
      • Be responsible to maintain the following administrative tasks:
        • Attend weekly staff meetings,Meet weekly with, and report to, the Lead Pastor who will provide oversight, guidance, mentoring and prayer
        • Communicate with the Office Administrator regarding special requests such as space bookings, website pages, printing, etc.
        • Manage the youth and young adult database, which includes all relevant information regarding youth and young adults who attend the ministry events.
        • Prepare and submit an annual budget, and maintain ministry spending accordingly
        • Track and submit expenses in a timely manner
        • Ensure that ministry reports are produced for Board and Congregational meetings
        • Participate in planning of special church events including congregational meetings, welcome lunches, church picnics, etc.
        • Ensure completion of volunteer forms and that a current Police Record Check is on file
  • Secondary Responsibilities (20%) – to be agreed upon prior to hiring.
    • Fulfilling ministry needs within WEFC based on gifting. Examples include:
      • Involvement in leading worship services on Sunday mornings
      • Creating and maintaining social media presence
      • Developing and displaying advertising in and around the church
      • Technology services

More information can be found regarding this position on the WEFC church website.

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