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Youth Pastor

Youth Pastor

Company: Toronto Chinese Alliance Church
Contact Person: Stephen Ford
77 First Avenue
Toronto, Ontario , M4M 1W7
Phone: 416-461-2907

Position Description

We’re not a megachurch. We have no desire to be. What we are is a local church and an evangelical one at that. We’re right in the middle of a downtown neighbourhood. People from the area don’t have to drive – they can walk right up to our church and we see that as one of our core assets. We’re located in what in the past was known as “East Chinatown,” though the community has experienced a huge demographic swing away from this Asian makeup in the past 10 years. The food is tasty and cheap and there are fresh markets of vegetables, fish and beef and everything in between.

We’re a trilingual church. We have services in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Yet our children and youth work are conducted in English only. And we are becoming multicultural - at least in our English service, as our senior pastor, who by the way doesn’t speak any Chinese himself, is helping us move closer to what our neighbourhood has become. We value the diversity and strength that having three congregations in one brings. 

Many of us have grown up in the church and in this local neighbourhood. A number of us have moved out to the suburbs but our sense of community and commitment to the church keeps us coming back. We really do have a strong family community – in fact, every speaker we’ve ever invited to one of our summer retreats comments on how uniquely strong our community is. One sign of this is that virtually everyone goes to our summer retreat – from our youth to university students to those in their early career up to those with young and older families. 

When it comes to our young people, they are our future. We believe this. There is such huge potential among them. Yet for a number of years we weren’t experiencing God like we should – more just enjoying our community. Unfortunately, this resulted in some of our young people interpreting our Christian faith more as an inheritance, others as a convenience, and yet still others as a nuisance. But with God bringing fresh renewal in our midst, we now so long for them to know and experience God for real – themselves, and to have this passion for Jesus practically affect their lives 24/7. 

So we’re looking for a leader for our youth who is up to the challenge: Up to the challenge:

  • To keep his or her faith growing and fresh, real and vulnerable in the midst of pulls and demands of life and ministry
  • To draw this next generation – both within the church and in the community around it - to truly encounter God, to hear His voice above social chat and pressure, and to live empowered and emboldened by the Holy Spirit
  • To lead, administrate and coordinate what will facilitate real faith in Jesus Christ among our young people - who for the most part are in different parts of the spectrum between Asian and Canadian culture and who live in either downtown, midtown, or uptown.

Interested? Contact us and we’ll go for a coffee (or if you like, dim sum) and we’ll have a chat to explore the possibilities. Probably best to begin by contacting our senior pastor, Rev. Stephen Ford and we will see how thing go from there.

Toronto Chinese Alliance Church, 77 First Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada M4M 1W7

Ph: 416-461-2907  •  Email:  •  Website:

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