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Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Company: Fernie Youth
Contact Person: David Hutchinson
Box 273
Pickering, Ontario , L1V 2R4

Position Description

Established over 50 years ago, Fernie Youth continuously leads with innovation in their programs and services. They stay current with the social and developmental challenges that face youth as they move toward self-sufficiency. Ultimately, Fernie champions hope. Their success is defined by youth having the moral, social and life skills to establish a positive future. Fernie's core essence of who they are and what makes them different is defined by their “Caring Beyond Reason” attitude and actions.

Fernie Youth is seeking a Chief Executive Officer who will be responsible for the successful executive leadership and management of the organization guided by the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors, aligned with the Fernie Youth vision, mission and values, with demonstrated competence in the following areas:

  • Inspiring executive leadership
  • Strategic visioning, operational plan execution/implementation
  • Creativity, innovation, and adaptability
  • Planning, organization, decision-making and problem solving
  • Building new external relationships and partnerships
  • Revenue development, fundraising and financial acumen
  • Collaborative relationship management and excellent communications
  • Program development and oversight
  • Approachability, encouraging team engagement and personal development
  • Fostering a culture of high trust, ethical behavior, and high morale
Posted: August 2, 2019 | Expires: October 15, 2019
Posted Under: Executive
Career ID: [ 7173 ]