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Midland Campus Pastor

Midland Campus Pastor

Company: Connexus Church
Contact Person: Laura
I-20 Mills Road
Barrie, Ontario , L4N6H4

Position Description

Position Summary: To lead and develop the campus of Connexus Church’s Midland location.

Reports to: Lead Pastor

Key Requirements:

  • A growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • A driving passion for reaching unchurched people
  • Experience developing leaders and leading large teams effectively
  • An effective communicator
  • College/University degree preferred
  • Embraces a small group approach to ministry
  • Embraces an “Orange” model of ministry (


  • Provide overall leadership to the Midland campus and its teams
  • Oversee the personnel development for:
    • Host team
    • Environment and logistics teams
    • Small group ministry
    • Production team
    • Guest services
    • Children and student ministry
  • Provide leadership to the Sunday morning experience by:
    • Maintaining and enhancing high standards and quality in all Connexus environments.
    • Hosting Sunday morning services.
    • Encouraging, supporting and leading the congregation and volunteer teams.
  • Invest in and embrace the local community
  • Develop relationships with local community partners
  • Annual strategic planning and budgeting for the campus
  • Nurture relationships with all campus vendors
  • Provide leadership to the campus ministry by:
    • Championing high standards, quality and consistency in all Connexus environments
    • Hosting Sunday morning services
    • Encouraging, supporting and leading the volunteer teams and congregation
  • Other duties as assigned

Desired Attributes

Driver, Achiever, Developer, Attractional Personality, Focused, Reliable, Attentive to Detail, Communicator, Apple Computer Friendly, Leader of Leaders 

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