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Associate Pastor

Associate Pastor

Company: Meadow Lake Evangelical Free Church
913 5th Avenue West
Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan , S9X 1A4
Phone: 1-306-236-5288

Position Description

Meadow Lake Evangelical Free Church (EFCC) is searching for an Associate/Youth Pastor. Please email your resume to


  • Shall be a man of true Christian experience and established character whose life reflects a love for the Lord. He shall qualify for this office according to the standards of 1 Timothy 3:2-7 and Titus 1.
  • Shall demonstrate a commitment to the statement of faith of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada.
  • Shall have a definite sense of call to pastoral and youth ministry. 
  • Shall have strong relational and communication skills both with youth and adults. 
  • Shall be self-motivated.
  • Shall have a reasonable grasp of youth culture and issues.
  • Shall have appropriate biblical training and experience in working with youth.
  • If married, they shall be supportive of one another in ministry.
  • Shall be, or become (within a reasonable period of time) a licensed minister in the Evangelical Free Church of Canada.

Youth Responsibilities

  • Shall seek to build a year-round youth ministry.
  • Shall lead team-based model of identifying and developing youth leaders who are invested in ministry to the youth of this church family and community. 
  • Shall provide vision and leadership in such a way that will challenge the youth toward maturity and service.
  • Shall provide regular Biblical teaching for the personal growth of the youth.  
  • Shall maintain communication with the parents of the youth where applicable, endeavouring to be a resource and support to them. 
  • Shall spend adequate quality preparation time for teaching and equipping responsibilities.
  • Shall delegate and assign responsibilities around youth ministry when not available.
  • Shall seek to serve at Bethel Gospel Camp. 
  • Shall show youth an example of a godly life and relationships.
  • Shall establish and maintain a philosophy of Youth ministry. 
  • Shall be willing to reach out to youth outside of the church.
  • Shall conduct follow-up with youth following graduation and facilitate their connection with Christian community after moving to other community.
  • Shall encourage cross-generational interaction.

Associate Responsibilities

  • Shall work with the Senior Pastor and Elders in the caring ministries of the church as needed (sick, hospital, shut-ins).
  • Shall be available to preach at least 10 to 15 times per year, as responsibilities and calendar allow, and shall cover the pulpit ministry when the Senior Pastor is unavailable.    
  • Shall participate in all regularly scheduled church council meetings.
  • Shall be an example to the church in how they should be reaching out to, be involved with, and demonstrating Christ in the local community, through volunteer involvement and interaction.  Examples: participation on boards, recreation groups, coaching, school groups, etc.)
  • Shall pursue regular personal and professional development opportunities, as defined by the Memo of Understanding.
  • Shall participate in the Prairie District and EFCC in order to facilitate a close relationship between the church and conference, as well as in the local ministerial where possible. 
  • Shall be available to perform baptisms, baby dedications, weddings, and funerals.  
  • Shall seek to establish relationships with congregants for the purpose of discipleship.
  • Shall seek opportunities to foster community within the Church.
  • Shall provide support to all church programs and activities where possible and where requested by the elders or council (e.g. education, missions, outreach, etc.).
  • Shall incorporate personal gifts, interests, and passions into their responsibilities and work plan (E.g.:  missions, small groups, drama, service, worship, elderly, Door of Hope, Youth Center, etc.)


  • Shall be under the direct supervision of the Senior Pastor.
  • Shall be accountable to the Senior Pastor, Elders and ultimately to the congregation.
  • Shall develop appropriate coaching and mentoring relationships for personal and professional growth and feedback.
  • Shall be subject to a formal evaluation process every two years.
  • He shall maintain written/verbal reporting as directed by the Senior Pastor and Elders.
  • Shall participate in regular staff meetings and elders meeting when requested.
  • Shall develop and maintain a ministry work plan, and update and review the work plan with the senior pastor at least quarterly.
Posted: August 22, 2019 | Expires: December 31, 2019
Posted Under: Pastoral
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