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Facilities Manager

Facilities Manager

Company: ClearView Christian Reformed Church
Contact Person: Erick Schuringa
2300 Sheridan Garden Drive
Oakville, Ontario , L6J 7R2

Position Description


The facilities manager at ClearView is responsible for ensuring that the property of ClearView is used and cared for in a way that supports the vision “helping everyone to take the next step in following Jesus.”  A well-run, well maintained property allows for activities to take-place unhindered by unnecessary distractions.  To that end, ClearView CRC is seeking to hire a facilities manager.


1. Oversee maintenance

  1. Cleaning and custodial companies
  2. Repairs and maintenance providers
  3. Contracts for internet, snow removal, security, etc

2. Rentals

  1. Manage requests and schedule rentals
  2. Write contracts and ensure compliance.
  3. Ensure access.
  4. Oversee set-up and clean-up.

3. Scheduling

  1. Manage ministry use calendar in conjunction with staff.
  2. Determine availability and timing for rentals
  3. Book funerals and other irregularly scheduled ministry events

4. Supervision

  1. Hire and evaluate contracted maintenance workers.
  2. Find and coordinate rental supervisors.
  3. Ensure ministries, rentals, etc comply with usage policies and contracts.

5. Storage and set up

  1. Coordinate the use of storage space for ClearView ministries.
  2. Oversee equipment storage.
  3. Coordinate and oversee set up and decorations for seasonal or rental events.


The building manager is directly accountable to the Lead Pastor of ClearView for day to day functioning.

The building manager will work as part of the staff team.

The council of ClearView CRC has final authority over all staff members.


Organized, independent, responsible.  Able to delegate and supervise; good people skills.  Basic understanding of building systems would be an asset.


This role will be paid at an hourly rate for 8-10 hours per week.

Posted: November 21, 2019 | Expires: January 6, 2020
Posted Under: Miscellaneous
Career ID: [ 7517 ]