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Youth & Associate Pastor

Youth & Associate Pastor

Company: Grace Place (Church)
Contact Person: Pastor Amos Sarwan
1428 Kennedy Rd
Scarborough, Ontario , M1P 2L7
Phone: 416-882-4777

Position Description

Grace Place is an established church 60+ years with a diverse, multicultural and intergenerational congregation in Toronto’s inner suburb of Scarborough. We have a deep love for Jesus and a high view of Scripture, reflected in our vision statement: “we are a refuge of love and truth.” 

Our Lead Pastor recently retired and our Associate Pastor has now been become the Lead Pastor. The church also has a Worship Director as well as part-time Children’s Ministry Director, Office Administrator and Custodian. We are currently seeking God’s will for the newly created role of a Youth & Associate Pastor who can help us grow spiritually and help us advance the following three priorities:

  • Develop deeper community in the congregation
  • Deepen discipleship in the congregation
  • Reach out to the community

This is an ideal role for someone with experience with youth/young adult ministry who would also like to grow into delivering Sunday messages.

Primary Responsibilities

  • He will work closely and support the Lead Pastor to advance the vision of Grace Place.
  • He will develop the youth and young adults in our church as well as building relationships with the unchurched young people in our community.
  • He will preach/teach at Sunday services (minimum two Sundays per month) with messages aligned with the church’s vision and Statement of Faith. The Teaching Pastor will have a sound knowledge of Scripture as will be able to connect Scripture with an awareness of global and cultural issues and their impact on our church and the lives of our congregation.

Secondary responsibilities

  • Attend/assist in leading a small group.
  • Attend and assist leading prayer meetings.
  • Develop additional venues for teaching Scripture (e.g. Bible study, retreats, workshops)
  • Participate in pastoral duties e.g. hospital visits, bereavements, counselling.

Personal Qualifications  

  • Be in agreement with Grace Place’s Statement of Faith
  • Have a passion for Jesus and for evangelizing to the local community.
  • Be able to relate to various family dynamics and challenges within families.
  • Personable disposition that allows for working with a multicultural and intergenerational congregation.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills
  • A spirit of humility, mercy and integrity to follow God’s leading without being authoritative.
  • Be coachable and constantly seeking ways to improve and learn from others.
  • To be perceptive and discerning with regards to tradition and change
  • Able to expedite times of transition as smoothly and fluidly as possible.
  • A knowledge of spiritual gifts especially his own and empower the congregation to understand and use their gifts.
  • Ability to mentor future leaders (e.g. Paul with Timothy).
  • Places his own family above the ministry.

Qualifications & Skills

  • Meet the scriptural qualifications for Elder as set out in Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in ministry ideally with youth (e.g. Youth pastor, Associate pastor, Para-church organization, etc.) 
  • Experience working in an urban/inner city environment
  • Proven track record of being able to deliver a compelling message.
  • Minimum education requirement: Undergraduate degree in Biblical study or related field from an accredited institution.

Reports to:

  • Reports to the Lead Pastor.
  • Works in a team with the Board of Elders

Willing to develop a community of other pastors for encouragement and edification.

Salary & Benefits:

Competitive salary and benefits & retirement plan.

Posted: January 21, 2020 | Renewed: July 22, 2020 | Expires: January 22, 2021
Posted Under: Pastoral
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