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Youth Pastor

Youth Pastor

Company: Bethel Church
Contact Person: Carmen Gauvin-O'Donnell
314 Johnson street
Kingston, Ontario , K7L 1Y7
Phone: 613 5422990

Position Description

Our Vision. Our Preferred Future. Imagining the Youth Ministry in three years’ time, our vision or preferred future will be as follows:

  1. We will be a church that will be excellent in loving youth:
    1. We will value them individually for who they are, and where they are in their personal journey, through transformational relationships that build genuine community. This is a priority over programs.
    2. We will shepherd students and demonstrate unconditional love regardless of faith, gender, race or worldview.
    3. Our youth ministry will be well integrated with the overall life and community of the church.
  2. We will seek to build a balanced youth ministry:
    1. Balanced in developing intimate and safe community.
    2. Balanced in reaching those that don’t know Christ in the City of Kingston.
    3. Balanced in creating large group events to celebrate what God is doing.
  3. We will be team-oriented in delivering youth ministry:
    1. We will nurture the appropriate spiritual gifts to create a well-rounded team.
    2. We will offer first-rate leadership training.
    3. We will affirm both young and old as belonging on the leadership team.
    4. We will partner with parents in the process of discipling youth.
  4. We will build a strong Junior and Senior High ministry:
    1. We will build a dynamic Junior High ministry that is connected to our grade 1-5 program.
    2. We will build a dynamic Senior High ministry that is connected to our Junior High ministry.
    3. We will integrate all youth ministries through collaboration at all levels of staff.
  5. We will build a strong post-secondary youth ministry:
    1. This aspect of the vision will be assigned to another staff member, but may involve the Pastor of Student Leadership Development.  
  6. We will build a youth ministry offering excellent teaching that is:
    1. Biblically-centered,
    2. Christ-focused,
    3. culturally relevant, and
    4. creatively engaging.
  7. We will develop a strong partnership with camp ministries:
    1. We recognize the importance of camp ministry in the holistic development of our youth and want to foster that relationship through:
      1. integration of camp as a place where personal growth flourishes,
      2. integration of leadership in creating an environment that fosters year- round growth and community; and
      3. integrating camp leadership training and resources.
  8. The outcome of this ministry will be that youth will:
    1. know their identity is rooted in Christ,
    2. believe in the possibility that God can use them to impact the world,
    3. be rooted firmly in the Word of God and the Biblical worldview; and
    4. leave believing that Christ is the hope of the world and that the Church is God’s instrument to bless the world.  

Employment Type:

  • Full-time Compensation: Commensurate with experience and qualifications
  • Effective Date: Summer 2020 (flexible)
  • Reports to: Senior Pastor

About Bethel Church:

Bethel Church is a vibrant church located in the heart of Kingston. Our demographic includes approximately 200 students from Queen’s University, St. Lawrence College and the Royal Military College of Canada. The other 600 people who would call Bethel their home church represent a wide demographic from children to seniors. We are passionate about prayer, pursuing radical discipleship and connecting people into deep community. Our ministry focus connects us to the city, channels our resources to the First Nation community of Constance Lake, and moves us to invest in several internationally-targeted ministries. We believe in the authority of Scripture, the centrality of Christ and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in equipping the saints to bring the Kingdom of God.

Primary Responsibilities:

The candidate will be responsible and accountable for the following areas of ministry:

  • Youth and Student Leadership
    • Coordinating the development, growth and delivery of all youth and student programs and ministries from grade 6 to grade 12 through the development of effective leadership teams.
    • Ensuring the development and performance of all leadership overseeing the above scope of ministry.
    • Collaborating and developing high school leadership to complement existing ministries with the goal of reaching a non-religious student audience by creating out-reach opportunities.
    • Interacting and networking with other youth ministries in the city to further develop the city-wide focus.
    • Overseeing and developing the junior youth pastor who leads grades 6-8 (part time role will be established as the ministry grows)
  • Camp IAWAH Partnership
    • Leading within the Youth Development Leadership Programs of IAWAH
    • Connecting camp ministry with the September through June ministry initiatives at Bethel Church
    • Working with the ministry team of IAWAH in the development of the IAWAH Bethel partnership
  • Pastoral, Ministry Leadership Team
    • Being an active member of the staff team
    • Actively participating in the bi-annual strategic planning activities and weekly meetings
  • Pastoral Care
    • Participating in the development of Pastoral Care strategies with a focus on students
    • Being responsible for the Pastoral Care of a specific cross section of the congregation Alignment
    • With our doctrinal statement
    • With our vision statement for youth (posted)


At minimum, an undergraduate degree is necessary to fill this position. A theological undergraduate degree would be most beneficial but is not essential. The ideal candidate will have some kind of theological training that would prepare them for Church ministry (although a combination of work experience and education will also be considered.)

Strengths and Competencies:

  • Leadership (Rom. 12:8): Standing before the people in such a way as to attend to the direction of the body with the care and diligence that motivates others to get involved in the accomplishment of these goals.
  • Teaching (Rom. 12:7; 1 Cor. 12:28; Eph. 4:11): Instructing others in the Bible in a logical, systematic way to communicate pertinent information for true understanding and growth
  • Team builder: Attracting people to a common cause, rallying them around an agreed-upon purpose and drawing out of the team the gifts and passions that help the team execute that purpose.
  • Highly Relational: Recognizing and cultivating the potential in others, spotting the signs of each small improvement and deriving satisfaction from these improvements.
  • Communication: Demonstrating a high level of written and verbal communication and are good conversationalists and presenters.
  • Organization Planning and Administration (1 Cor. 12:28): Organizing and scheduling people or tasks to develop realistic action plans while being sensitive to time constraints and resource availability.
    • Ability to work on an administrative team.
    • Ability to define realistic, specific goals and objectives, and to prioritize those objectives.
    • Ability to follow through and make the corrections necessary to stay on track – to prioritize, and then act.
    • Ability to use given resources to work toward maximum efficiency.
    • Ability to show flexibility in plans to adapt to unanticipated circumstances and situations.
  • Creativity: Developing unique and novel solutions to problems; using intuition and a new way of thinking to give birth to new ideas; presenting information in an attention-getting and interesting manner.

To Apply:

Please submit a covering letter, resume and references to Attention: Carmen Gauvin-O'Donnell. The deadline for applications is March 31, 2020. We invite qualified applicants to apply, however only those considered will be contacted for an interview. This position is only open to those already authorized to work in Canada.

Posted: January 24, 2020 | Expires: March 31, 2020
Posted Under: Pastoral - Youth/Youth Worker
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