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Church Leadership Positions

Church Leadership Positions

Company: Elevation Church
Contact Person: Brandon Malo
22 Willow Street
Waterloo, Ontario , N2J 1V5
Phone: 5198865586

Position Description

Elevation is a young, vibrant church in Waterloo, Ontario, where students, families, and people of all ages gather to celebrate God and the journey of life. We are currently searching for 2-3 people to join our team as we enter an intentional season of growth, expanding our vision in the areas of Invitation, Spiritual Vitality, and Diversity.

We’re looking for applicants with experience, skills, and a calling to serve. In an attempt to find the best possible candidates, we are inviting you to collaborate with us on forming the perfect role. We know the kind of person we want, so we need to know what kind of work you feel most suited for.

Our perfect candidate:

  • Can identify their own strengths and has a vision of how they’d like to serve the church
  • Has a willingness to share ideas, look to the future, and be a part of healthy church growth
  • Will fit in easily into our existing team, while also bringing something unique to the table

Areas of Oversight and Development:

  • Children & Family Ministry*
  • Youth Ministry*
  • Admin & Project Management
  • Social Media & Design
  • Ministry Teams
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Community Groups

Each of the areas marked (*) will be considered a half-time role and may be pursued independently or in concert with any of the other roles listed. We are open to considering both part-time and full-time positions, as our primary focus is finding the right people for our team.

When applying, please tell us what portfolio you would create for yourself and send along your resume and a description of your relevant qualifications. For example, you might be interested in Youth Ministry, adding your skills with Social Media & Design and Admin & Project Management to create a full-time role. Or maybe you can see yourself thriving in a role that combines Spiritual Formation with leading Ministry Teams and Community Groups in a part-time capacity.

To express your interest in joining our team, send your application to

We look forward to collaborating with you!

Posted: February 4, 2020 | Expires: May 4, 2020
Posted Under: Miscellaneous
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