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Administrative Director

Administrative Director

Company: Iceball Association
Contact Person: Joel Waddell
1576 Litchfield Road
Oakville, Ontario
Phone: (365)777-7214

Position Description

Iceball Association is currently seeking an Administrative Director to oversee its internal operations. The role will start part-time and will transition into a full-time role as Iceball Association continues to grow.

Iceball Association was founded by Joel Waddell in partnership with Ministry Motion in late August 2019 to organize and run events for a new sport that Joel invented called iceball with a mission to contribute to the needs of others starting by raising awareness for a little-known condition called misophonia.

Iceball can be described as a combination of hockey and handball as the game is played on ice and the player positions are the same as hockey player positions and many of the rules resemble hockey rules, but goals are scored by throwing a ball into the net.

In summary, misophonia is a sensitivity to specific sounds that trigger emotional and physical reactions and, in some cases, there can be visual triggers as well. Joel is a Christian and his primary source of motivation to help others comes from his faith and, for this reason, Iceball Association was founded on Christian values.


  • Participate in Iceball Association outreach and fundraising initiatives
  • General administrative work
  • Develop policy
  • Ensure that all operations are being run legally without cutting corners
  • Ensure that all staff get paid
  • Assist the founder in hiring staff to fill open positions
  • Work with the founder to ensure that goals are achievable
  • Attend meetings with the founder to discuss the plans and operations of Iceball Association
  • Work with other staff to ensure that all internal operations are being run smoothly and in accordance with the values Iceball Association is founded on
  • Work with the founder to ensure long-term stability


  • Good understanding of Christian values
  • Good understanding of laws and policies
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Positive character
  • Ability to work on a team
  • Strong work ethic
  • Strong organization skills
  • Passion for sports
  • Experience in business administration not necessary but considered an asset
  • Education in business administration not necessary but considered an asset
Posted: June 28, 2020 | Expires: September 26, 2020
Posted Under: Administration
Career ID: [ 8000 ]