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Church Connections Catalyst

Church Connections Catalyst

Company: International Students Ministries Canada
Box 1205
Three Hills, Alberta , T0M 2A0

Position Description

Mission Statement

We seek to love international students unconditionally, partner with local churches in leading international students to discover Jesus through the Word of God, and prepare them to serve God where He leads them.


The Church Connections Catalyst is responsible to fulfill our mission’s sixth strategy in our Vision 2020+ quest to create an ace consultancy in ISM work catalyzing ISM in Canada and globally.


  • Position Type: Part-Time or Full-Time, Partnership Development Required
  • Location: Canada
  • Accountable To: Associate Vice President, Communications

Primary Responsibilities

  • Personal & Professional Development
    • Establish regular times of prayer for God’s wisdom and direction in the ministry.
    • Develop and maintain a team of prayer & financial partners.
    • Complete and implement the Professional and Ministry Development Plan.
    • Review and discuss it with the supervisor.
    • Commit to ongoing position-related training.
    • Attend biennial ISMC National Conference and National Leadership Retreats (as invited or required).
  • Church Connection Catalyst
    • Research and identify churches in Canada that have international student ministry (ISM).
    • Research and identify churches that are within a 5km radius of international students (universities & colleges) and in agreement with our Statement of Faith. Engage them in conversations about reaching out to international students in their neighborhoods.
    • Build and maintain a database based on the above researches.
    • Develop relationships with local churches and denominations to encourage and resource them for ISM.
    • Develop ISM resource materials for churches both in general and specific to current year’s events.
    • Connect churches to pertinent ISMC experts such as local ministry leaders and returnee ministry directors.
    • Cooperate with Kairos Canada (and possibly Perspectives Canada) to mobilize churches for missions generally and ISM in particular.
    • Prepare monthly progress reports for the President.


  • Committed to Christ’s global cause in general, and international student ministry in particular.
  • Growing in a vital relationship with Christ and meets the leadership qualities of 1 Timothy 3:1-7.
  • In agreement with the ISMC Statement of Faith and ISMC Lifestyle Policy.
  • Committed to the national vision and mission of ISMC.
  • Heart of a servant leader.
  • Proven ability to preach in churches and present in the corporate world.
  • Proficient in evaluating people’s gifts and abilities.
  • Good people and relationship-building skills.
  • Strong cross-cultural understanding and communication skills.
  • Entrepreneurial, trail-blazing, go-getter.
  • Demonstrates the ability to train, motivate, and lead others.
  • Great team-player.

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Posted: July 2, 2020 | Expires: December 31, 2020
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